Jake Porter, Ryan Jordan, Zach Randall, Vin Roxx, Devin Trez & Kane Fox




Vin Roxx “I stitched human teeth of the deceased in me in order to elevate my consciousness & open a realm to the frequencies of those who have already taken their last breath.”


Happy birthday!


Why Devin has been away.





  1. Bangle

    I’m not too familiar with this Vin Roxx character, but this gay is quite happy to let the straights have 100% of him. Also, Zach Randall’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. He was a porn STAR in his youth.

  2. HalJ

    While he has only been on the scene for a short while, this Vin Roxx character comes across as a complete wack job! Delusions of grandeur anyone????!!!!

  3. andrew

    Hey Vin Roxx, people with functioning brains know that all that paranormal stuff ain’t normal. It’s just pure bull shit. It’s one of the ways that conmen scam the gullible.

  4. Res1

    I guess I’m officially an old man or just don’t care about the porn industry anymore because I don’t know who half the people are.

    Vin Roxx does seem like a total nutjob. Thank goodness I don’t know him or his work.

    I say it every week, these people are so insufferable!

    • E

      Why do they need to have opinions?

      • Res1

        My thoughts exactly, especially when they don’t ever have anything good to say. There are nothing more than people with inflated egos.

  5. Res1

    Let the straight side keep Delgaty. He has worn out his welcome and did not turn out to be the pornstar Men wanted. He just seems like a dumb jock who is boring guy or girl. I watched his bi scene and Dante Calle carried it. Yawn.

    Kane Fox seems like another gay looking for attention because the well is running dry. Onlyfans is a straight man’s world and the gays are just trying to survive in it. The only difference is when they go that way they alienate their audience because gay men know it’s not genuine. It’s completely different when a “straight” guy goes gay than the other way around. For me, it kills any interest but I’m not subscribing to their pages anyway so what do they care.

    • Bastian

      I don’t follow his social media, but from what I remember, he claimed to be bi and if he is anything other than bisexual, then he is just lying.

      • Res1

        Thanks for clearing that up but I still feel like a lot of gay men today play up the whole bi thing for attention. It’s too all of a sudden with most of them.

    • Fathom

      When Dante Colle is the one carrying a scene, you know you’re in the weeds. I liked him for quite a long time, but anymore, he sleepwalks through scenes and seems to want to telegraph clearly his lack of interest. He seems disdainful even.

      I can’t tell the Delgatys apart; they’re both a fucking snooze.

      • Res1

        I never like Dante. He is over saturated. I’m glad his partner in crime Michael Del Rey gave us a break.

        I agree about the Delgatys. Nothing to see there.

      • Alex W

        Lmao. That’s bad. Dante Colle is the Toyota Camry of porn stars. You see him everywhere. There’s nothing uniquely special or different about him. He’s pretty average in ever facet. Dick, face, build, personality. While not unlikable, I find him to be indelibly boring.

  6. NoMoGay4Pay

    Why TF are you giving that piece of trash Jske Porter a platform? I font give AF if a Trump loving insurrectionist at heart loser feels insecure about his gyno! SMFH

    • Cal Q. Later

      Yep. The less we hear about him the better I’d say.

  7. Reg

    I thought Alpha Wolfe was married to a woman? Or was that just a fanatical birthday wish?

    To Jake, does “gyno” mean something else? The word means woman and I don’t know of any slag it could be :-/ Wow though, but his Twitter is ugly with politics and his new look is very Jeffrey Dahmer.

    I’m sure Vin’s dentist will enjoy giving those teeth a clean…I’m sure he hopes it’ll be a woman too.

    And does anyone else remember when rewards actually meant something?

    • Soothsay

      I thnk Porter is trying to indicate, after a thousand years in porn, that he has gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), and that it is a condition he’s had for years.

      Except….it’s a fucking lie? I mean, you can look at his videos over the last ten years and see that his ‘condition’ has apparently worsened in the last 3, as he’s gotten..buffer. And there is a direct link between onset of gynecomastia and (you guessed it) steroid use.

      Beyond his Trump leanings, and his other horrible opinions, it’s clear there are some mental health issues going on with him (OMG, his Twitter feed when he breaks up with someone – or they just realize who he really is? There have been a t least THREE times over the last two years his followers were certain he was going to commit suicide). He’s freaking imbalanced, and I’m waiting for him to implode.

  8. Bsg67

    Jake can have all the surgery he wants for gyno but unless he lays of the juice it’s gonna come back every cycle. He also supports messed arming teachers and guards in schools, yeah nope

  9. Mwah

    Can someone explain to me what Jake Porter meant by Gyno?

  10. Alex W

    I wish these porn “stars” would stop making their twitter accounts political. This is not the arena for that. The fans don’t give two shits about who you support or how politically correct or woke you are. It’s not a good look, regardless of what side of the aisle you lean. The biggest way to divide and isolate yourself is by announcing who you’ve voted for. cough Jake cough

    Vin Roxx seems like a complete nutcase. Nothing remotely appealing about him from where I stand. Just another unstable sexual shapeshifter. Bi today, straight tomorrow. We’ve seen this pattern with performers ad infinitum. It’s exhausting.

  11. Res1

    Most of you need to realize that most pornstars are nut jobs that’s why a large number of them are in the industry. I’m not shaming sex workers but it is the truth—morality is not high in the porn industry. So many of them are failed entertainers who moved to LA to make it and ended up doing porn and many of them are felons with criminal records and can’t get a decent job. Many of them are sex addicts and attention whores who want fame by any means necessary, which is why they love to be polarizing on social media. Funny thing is, no one cares about their political views or even their opinions or THEM that’s why so many of them have very small followings on social media and Twitter yet you have random guys who only tweet images of themselves and have upwards of 100k followers and a booming OF. If it wasn’t for the industry being desperate for talent, many of them wouldn’t be on the average gay man’s radar.

    • Alex W

      Sad, but true. Perfectly said though.


      I don’t think anyone could have said it better, the industry is in decline, in the last few years almost all GAY porn actors have become an amalgamation of woke, bisexual, and a long etc. Unfortunately there are stupid people who support all this and fill the egos of these guys believing that they are doing them a favor.

  12. DeanD

    I think Vin Roxx is both incredibly handsome and sexy. He’s a pretty decent performer too and will only get better with time if he chooses to stay in the biz. I like his kookiness, it’s fun!

  13. Ron

    Enough with this Vin guy, obviously he has issues (WTF w/ the teeth example)!

  14. Lamar

    What’s the BFD re Vin Roxbury??? We have our FREEDOMs PERIOD!!! Some act like you have a personal stake in his profession / career… REALLY??? This guy appears to enjoy what he does and he doesn’t mind sharing. Isn’t that what we all want – to enjoy what we do > do something that will make us happy?

  15. Andy

    Can anyone explain why Devin Terez is upset? I think this has to do with CulterX he got blocked by Culter on twitter.

  16. ryan welland

    when did jake get those hideous tattoos? and vin is sex on a stick!!

  17. Bruiser

    Re: Vin Roxx — Mental Health Hotline 800-634-500 toll free 24/7.

  18. Cherrystick

    Vin is what I’d like to refer to as the “gay gainer”. He uses homosexuality for gaining coins. He said himself in recent tweets and this is exact quote “ I’m also honest with my opinion even if it means losing followers. A vagina is for a dick LOL an asshole isn’t! Therefore women natural will be better at sex although an asshole feels great, a natural wet, warm pussy feels better.”

    This is exact words coming from a gay porn star and one who wants to show off a pride month jersey picked out by his daughter. This guy clearly is into women more and clearly uses gay men for gains. When his ass got called out by some true homosexuals on Twitter, he went off and began to call them retard gays and go off on some weird lame ass insults. This guy has gay baiting written all over him. He’s clearly unstable and “bi” for bucks.

    • Alex W

      @Cherrystick. Thanks for the background information. Until just recently, I’ve never heard of Vin Roxx. I can say that I am not surprised in the least. His type has flooded the gay porn scene and why these guys keep getting the coverage they’re getting is a mystery to me. They should be dismissed and rendered irrelevant. True homosexuals in the industry with a modicum of integrity should refuse to work with them in any capacity. I wouldn’t. On principle, alone. Cut their money supply and let them be mediocre and forgotten in straight porn.

      • Cherrystick

        I totally agree. No way I’d sit there and fuck anyone who uses my community for clout and gain while not giving a damn about homosexuals. Even worse I’d never fuck anyone who thinks that I’m not natural or not worthy enough. I don’t care if it’s for “porn” and “money”. You can still have integrity even in the field of sex work.

        But usually the ones who will film OF content and porn shoots with these type of losers are the ones who are BTS just like them.

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