John Bronco, Malik Delgaty & Reese Rideout

John Bronco, who first had a solo at Himeros, with his first scene at Sean Cody as the bottom to Clark Reid, who is currently leading in a poll as your favorite model this week.

  • Both guys sucked cock but John did it for less than 5 seconds – just the tip of Clark’s cock.
  • Bottoming of John started halfway through the scene.
  • John shot his load on the chest of Clark.

Malik Delgaty as the top to Angel Rivera at Men.

  • No kissing.
  • Only Angel sucked cock.
  • Angel shot his load while getting fucked by Malik.
  • Angel swallowed some of the cum of Malik.

Reese Rideout, who started in 2006, took a break, and returned in 2020, with his solo at Chaos Men.

3 thoughts on “John Bronco, Malik Delgaty & Reese Rideout

  1. I still love Reese. Yes, he looked better 16 years ago…plumper, sleeker, beefier, but he still looks good! And he’s not shy about bottoming and now it’s bottoming bareback. I only wish the other greats of Randy Blue would return, ESPECIALLY Chris Rockway.

    Delgaty though…what a twat. No kissing? He’s also not able to perform to save his life. I saw one of his new videos the other day and it’s “jack rabbit” sex and this bizarre single hard thrust forward. Whether it’s a man or a woman, he’s clearly a “dead fuck”.

    John Bronco…you’ve got to love a power bottom, but I really wish he’d lose that thong tan line :-/

  2. Big muscular John is no longer a bronco. He’s been tamed by big muscular Clark Reid. Ride him Clark.

  3. Wow. I didn’t think it could get worse. Michael Boston and Angel Rivera was bad enough. Now combine that with dual douchebaggery and add automaton, Malik Delgaty in place of MB and voila! An inorganic, no chemistry alternative to Ambien. And much like with Ambien, the side effects are similar. Sleepwalking sex would be a bigger turn on.

    John Bronco’s straight, but it’s clear he likes receiving anal sex. Ok. If that’s what gets you off, go for it. A little intimacy would be nice. I can keep dreaming though…. He does strike me as a sort of dumb, meathead jock type. Not too swift in the brain department, but most porn stars aren’t.

    Reese is still cute. Even after all these years.

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