Keith, Beck, Nik Fros, Jericho, Bull Barrett & Leo Benjamin

The 8″ cock of the 6’2″ Keith with his oral scene with the owner of Beefcake Hunter.

Beck with Manny as his first bottom at Sean Cody.

The 6 footer Nik Fros (aka Nickolay) as the latest bottom at Tim Tales with Tim Kruger as his top.

The 5’7″ Jericho with his fuck scene with the owner of Military Classified.

Bull Barrett & Leo Benjamin in a threesome with Derek Bolt at The Guy Site.

9 thoughts on “Keith, Beck, Nik Fros, Jericho, Bull Barrett & Leo Benjamin

    1. Thank you!

  1. Bull Barrett isn’t a newbie. He’s been fucking other well known gay porn models on his onlyfans for a while now.

  2. I feel so sorry for the handsome men who get their cock sucked by that ugly pig at beefcake hunter. The man is so unattractive he looks like a piglet. Keith is handsome hope to see him in more videos with other sites.

  3. Hey LOOK at the 14th picture down from the top.
    Jericho with the owner of “Military Classified” The look on his face says it best… He is
    thinking ” Please GOD KILL ME.” He looks like he would rather be ANYWHERE ELSE doing ANYTHING ELSE…. Hahahah I really do not know how a man could be THAT DESPERATE for $ when there are SO many real jobs to be had out in the world. What a pathetic asshole.

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