5 thoughts on “Lance Richards of Gay Hoopla (tip @ Tick-tick)

  1. Now, I wonder if we’re just in for more solos, or if he’ll actually get into any man-on-man action. With TGS, he’ll either top Jack or Devin, OR bottom. It’s not unheard of for their guys to do that straight off the bat.

    Fingers crossed though that he makes more of an impact than he did on GH :-/

    1. It makes you wonder if there might be some connection…maybe a former GH employee, who recruits from the leftovers or disgruntled models?

      1. There used to be many cross over from slowteasinghandjobs to TGS as well. I thought the owner is the same one point because of the voice.

  2. I think most the HGF guys leave because they want more work, theyre flown to film 2 scenes and a solo then theyre sat waiting hoping HGF calls them back which seems to be very rare since that website apparently has a lot of guys wanting to so a scene with them.

    i cant help think if he was going to do a gay scene they would have brought him back for GH/BGF

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