Marc (CF), Gabriel Cross, Hunter Ford, Cliff Jensen, Andre Boleyn, Jason Adonis & Chance Caldwell (Sept. 2010)

Joseph of Sean Cody was introduced as Marc at Corbin Fisher.

Gabriel of Blake Mason was introduced as Gabriel Cross at Randy Blue.

Sam of Corbin Fisher was now known as Hunter Ford [movies].

Cliff Jensen [movies] was introduced in So You Think You Can Fuck by Dominic Ford (site now redirects to his fan site) but he was first known as Cliff Jenson [movies] at Bait Buddies.

Andre Boleyn was introduced by Belami Online.

Jason Adonis became a Raging Stallion exclusive.

One of the winners of be Jake For A Day had a scene released with Zeb Atlas.

Corbin Fisher released the foursome of Cain, Dawson, Liam and his twin Luca.

Chance Caldwell returned via Suite 703, renamed in 2018 to Richard.XXX.

College Dudes 24/7 was renamed to College Dudes.

Next Door Twink was launched by Next Door Studios.

13 thoughts on “Marc (CF), Gabriel Cross, Hunter Ford, Cliff Jensen, Andre Boleyn, Jason Adonis & Chance Caldwell (Sept. 2010)

    1. Me too. I saw somewhere that he died recently. Does anyone know the circumstances?

  1. Maybe I’m too young to remember, but… Jason Adonis looks pretty hot. I need to check him out. What’s he up to these days, I wonder.

    Gabriel Cross looks like a fetus! Damn, he looks so young. Site says he’s gay? Guess they need to update that. He also shrank a couple of inches, according to those stats.

    1. Jason Adonis “looked” perfect most of the time. But, sadly, he was one of those guys who have ALL the parts ( face, body, ass, size ) but in every scene I ever watched, just was boring and looked like he was going thru the motions. I also got to see him dance at a club in West Palm Beach Florida “after hours” back in 2007 or so… I didn’t know he was there until we got there, sure wouldn’t make a special trip for him. Same in person, very bored and just taking the $. Most in the private audience didn’t even tip him he was so not into it. Its a shame because he really did look “Perfect”

      1. Oh well. At this juncture, I try not to have high expectations when it comes to these guys. Looks will fade in time, but I guess we can enjoy them from a superficial lens. Unless they say or do something so outrageous that it just ruins it. I’ve had quite a few of those.

  2. WOW – I forgot how HOT Cliff Jensen looked way back when……
    This guy may have also been into pussy but he always looked like he was into having sex with guys too. Never disappointed in any scene back then.

  3. It’s a shame Zeb Atlas never bottomed, was anticipating it for years. I was excited when he was one of the candidates for the Fleshjack boys campaign, where he’d get a Fleshjack/dildo replica sold for distribution. But he didn’t win the voting either. Man, the one who got away.

  4. That picture of deep voiced tall tatted bad boy Cliff Jensen reminds me of why he always turned me on. He was a total top guy who kissed, sucked and rimmed his bottom scene partners. Cliff has no idea how many times he fucked me – in my dreams.

  5. For me Cliff Jensen is one of the Kings of Porn. And he’s only getting better!

  6. Russo Twins both live in Texass. One is straight identifying and married. The other is gay with mutiple BF’s and a circuit kween. From my friend in Austin both escort.

    1. The straight one is married? Shame, thought I’d love to watch him fucked in the ass again.

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