Nick Sterling, Brody Grant, Cameron Foster, Gabriel Clark, Conner Maguire, Marcus Mojo & Samuel O’Toole (Dec. 2010)

Sterling (2007) of College Dudes was introduced as Nick Sterling at Randy Blue.

Brody of Corbin Fisher was introduced as Brody Grant at College Dudes.

Cameron (2009) of Sean Cody was introduced as Foster by Corbin Fisher. He is more known as Cameron Foster [movies].

Gabriel Clark [movies] was once known as Gabriel Lenfant for sites like Next Door Studios.

No change of name for Rick McCoy from Jake Cruise to College Dudes.

Connor Maguire [gallery] at Bait Buddies.

The self titled websites of Marcus Mojo, Austin Wilde & Samuel O’Toole (all three are now part of Next Door Studios) were launched.

Merry Christmas from the exclusive models (Tommy D has retired) of Next Door Studios.

Marcus Mojo, Trystan Bull, Rod Daily, Austin Wilde, Cody Cummings & Samuel O’Toole

Someone finally got “caught” at Out In Public (now part of Big Daddy).

Cocksure Men exclusives in an orgy.

Guy Jones, Mitch Vaughn, Kevin Crows, Brady Jensen, Morgan Black & Robert Axel

Gloryhole scenes were back at Chaos Men after over a year via the scene of Markham and Ransom. And, the pissing part of the Taylor and Vander scene was removed “I thought I would kick off the New Year with something a little different….but CCBill has informed me if I allow guys peeing on each other, it violates their terms, and will cancel my account.


  1. andrew

    I was always a big Marcus Mojo fan: handsome, muscular, great performer and a sweet personality.

  2. McM.

    The Taylor & Vander scene is so hot. I often go back to it. Taylor’s pubic hair manscaping was aces.

    • Ben Hen

      I love this scene. Both men in their prime and a perfect combo!

  3. Fathom

    Gabriel Clark, what a hot man. I wouldn’t have recognized him from that picture above alone. I think he’s better looking than ever these days. He always seems so chill and fun and smiley and to be having the best time. And he loves to eat cum like no one else. Wish he bottomed more these days. Love him.

    • K

      Wait, Gabriel likes to eat cum? Which scenes? Can you suggest a few?

      I also wish he bottomed more, I’d have watch more if his scenes then.

      • Fathom

        Honestly, it seems like in all his scenes the past few years he eats cum, but this is from the Sword’s site: “Go-Go Boy concludes with naked yoga 12-man orgy and Gabriel Clark swallowing 12 loads.” Gabriel is the yoga instructor to what I think is mostly a bunch of twinks; I remember it as being just OK overall, with the hottest part being Gabriel trying to catch all the cum in his mouth.

        • K

          Damn I need to look up what that scene is! I guess I’ll be busy this weekend!

  4. Pavel Ford

    My God, look how young Gabriel Clark looked.
    ALWAYS LOVED RICK McCOY. I think he tried to put it out there he was straight or bi, but just one peek at his sex with Riley Price ( at Cocksure men )and you know he full on cock hound.
    He was very verbal and really got into the sex. Loved a dick up his ass.
    Connor Maguire – I tried, I really tried to get into him. But his boring sex, and G4P ways drove me away then as now….
    Taylor and Vander, I don’t remember them but I think I will look Taylor up !

    • DeanD

      Straight, eh? Didn’t seem very straight when he was begging Izzy James to go balls deep. Rick was very cute and a great performer when paired with the right co-star, which unfortunately was rare. Check out his scene with Izzy. He just can’t get enough!

      • K

        Thanks you two! I seem to vaguely remember Rick and I have no idea if he’s straight or not. So he loved it hard getting a cock in his ass huh? Aside from Izzy, what’s your favorite scenes? @Pavel @DeanD

        • Pavel Ford

          My favorite Rick McCoy scene…. Has to be the one with Riley Price. He is just In Heat in this one. Love how verbal he is.

        • Res1

          You didn’t ask me but my favorite Rick McCoy scene (other than the Izzy one..just the blowjob part the rest is meh) is with Kris Jamieson I think it’s a Cocksuremen scene. Kris Jamieson was obviously g4p or whatever but I liked the foreplay and flirting in that one and how Rick plays with Kris’ feet and eats him out and then Kris fucks him it’s a gradual build up that seems kind of genuine. Honorable mentions: His scenes with the black guy on the bus (I think it’s an Out In Public scene) and his scene with Robert Axel. For some reason, Rick just looks hot sucking black cock and we usually get lucky cause the black cocks he did suck were usually huge.

          • K

            Thanks for letting me know @Pavel @Res1 I’m trying to find those scenes now, hope I can watch it tonight!

            • Res1

              You’re welcome.

              Ot. I remember thinking porn was in the gutter 10 or so years ago, but was an oasis compared to now.

    • Fathom

      I also really tried to get into Connor Maguire; I liked that he was versatile. But ultimately he was just not a very dynamic performer.

    • Ian

      Vander is still actively working in the industry.

  5. K

    I remember I like Nick and Brody quite a bit. Nick definitely more so when he’s looking like a jock that he started and not so much too muscular. Shame Brody didn’t do too many scenes. And I so wanna see how he ages!

  6. Res1

    Nick Sterling was so hot and had an ass on him. His Hothouse scene (Gear Play) with JJ Knight and Beaux Banks is one for the books. So many great shots and angles in that one. Between his ass and Beaux’s I don’t know which had the best starring role.

    I remember thinking Gabriel Clark was a good find. Then he came out with the gay-for-pay shit and dating some chick that was 300 pounds I never watched anything with him in it ever again. In retrospect, he wasn’t all that but I was extremely young.

    Rick McCoy’s ItsGonnaHurt scene with Izzy still holds up. His pretty pink lips on that long black Mamba with spit bubbles stretching from his mouth like hot cheese and his gagging will always be hot to watch.

    Hated most of NextDoorBuddies models. They were the “Men” of their day, but I always had a thing for Tyler Torro (I liked Trystan too). He always reminded me of a young, hotter version of Ted Danson like he could be Ted’s son. Samuel O’Tootle wasn’t bad looking back, but I remember disliking him and not getting his hype.

    Taylor and Vander’s scene caused controversy. If I’m not mistaken, the scene had to be edited because it didn’t meet some guideline. Taylor was so cute with his little pie face and dimples.

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