9 thoughts on “Paul Cassidy, Adam Archuleta, Angel Rivera, Michael Boston, Jeremy Barker & Micky Mallato

  1. That’s good Michael Boston as a top. Nice to see him be masculine for a change. Usually in Michael Boston videos he is effeminate.

  2. Mmm! Michael Boston and Angel Rivera in a scene together. Two of my favorite people….. NOT! Ugh. I know I’m the new guy around here and I guess most of my posts have been negative leaning, but.. Seriously. Is this the best the gay porn industry has to offer? I know both of these guys have a HUGE twitter following, but they’re both so… blah. Michael may be a bit less annoying, but Angel’s just so unlikable. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but he comes across as very off-putting. I have quite an extensive list of porn stars that I just refuse to watch. Angel falls somewhere between Sharok and Pierce Paris.

    1. I think Angel Rivera’s beauty is sublime but agree with you about his personality and the arrogant, hostile tone he presents through his twitter. In his sex scenes I just see a machine. Maybe it’s bad weed?

      1. It’s definitely his personality. He’s not terrible looking. He just has this black cloud aura hanging over him. You immediately like or dislike people based on the energy they give off. I feel like he’s the kind of person that would stab you in the back and go about his life with no remorse. Psychopath vibes.

    1. Me too! I am wondering if he still active for BAO or already retired and what is left is thousands of unpublished videos

  3. Now is the start to Michael Boston’s porn career as a strict top!

    (I’m joking, but that seems like an avid strategy to make big bucks in gay porn)

    1. It’s not quite as ridiculous as Johnny Rapid (aka the man who might legitimately be in the Guinness Book of World Records for having been fucked by the most men on camera) being rebranded as a top, but I can’t take Michael seriously as being anything other than a bottom :-/

  4. Micky Mallato may have turned Jeremy Barker “The Pounder” into a cock hungry bottom. It sometimes happens that when a top only guy gets fucked, he becomes a cock hungry bottom. The reason may be that they discover that bottoming is 10x more pleasurable than topping. At least that’s what I experienced.

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