Paul Cassidy, Cade Maddox & Finn Harding

Paul Cassidy as the top to Jim Durden at Belami Online.

Jim shot his load that reached his mouth while Paul shot his on Jim’s hole. Then, Paul rimmed Jim that ended in a kiss.

Cade Maddox with his self-titled website created for him by the owners of Men At Play that contains his homemade videos from his fan site.

Finn Harding with another scene as the top at Men that had him rim Joey Mills and shot his load into Joey’s mouth.

4 thoughts on “Paul Cassidy, Cade Maddox & Finn Harding

  1. Cade Maddox is a sexy man who’s good at sex, but as a top only he bores me and I don’t seek out his videos. I get that people should do what they like sexually; it’s just that with him (and Max Konnor, et al), I know what I’m going to see, and I’m not interested. I like the vers. guys. Mix it up; show me something different.

    That said, whenever I’ve seen him with Rhyheim, the two of them messing around with each other is way more hot than whoever the bottom is; they are clearly into each other. I wish they’d go ahead and fuck already.

  2. Cade Maddox does not like dick. He never touches it, much less sucks it. He’s barely gay.

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