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Get well soon!

Just retired & one wants a comeback.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Tongue to tongue with his mother.

It’s been a year since his last tweet.

20 thoughts on “Reign, Dakota Payne, David Skylar, Claude Sorel, Larkin Magnus, Vin Roxx, Cody Cummings, Johnny Rapid, Landon Conrad, Derek Shaw, Steve Rickz, Ryan Jordan, Gabe Isaac & Mike De Marko

  1. Cody Cummings has messed around with men? Huh? When did that happen?

    1. What I remember is Cody Cummings lying around like a poured-out lump of dead flesh while letting guys service him.

  2. Cody Cummings needs to shut the hell up. He’s always been and will always be an ‘oppressor’, not an ‘oppressed’.

  3. I think Cody Cummings was around a tad bit before my time. After some investigative research, I’ve put the pieces together. What a douche! He’s received oral sex from guys a handful of times (On set) and then simulates a sex scene. Rightio. He and Jake Orion should be buddies. They’re of the same ilk.

    What in the hell is THAT thing?! Oh, it’s Johnny Rapid. Nice way of easing yourself out of the porn industry. Make yourself so hideous that we all count down the days till your departure.

    1. Cody’s comeback in 2015 was a huge flop. However, I’m surprised he hasn’t fired up OF. There seems to be an audience for straight men doing absolutely nothing. Some of his cohorts are still kicking the can. How? I don’t know but there like 40+ peddling an OF and it’s in their favor because they can just bait until their hearts are content and never have any real sex with women or men.

  4. Cody…why are you on Twitter? You retired YEARS ago and from not ever really being a gay porn star. You went on that UK show and said that poor fan you were straight and pretty much everything you ever did was simulated. So, what’s the post in that Tweet? And “I don’t like every man”? Since when have ever like ANY man. You’re probably the most notorious Gay4Payer that ever been, because you didn’t even have sex. I can still see you recoiling in DISGUST when having sex when during a MMF, the other guy dared to even touch you on the shoulder.

  5. I guess Covid has drained the $ from Long Forgotten porn “stars” from the past.
    I see Cody Cummings is trying to stir up some interest in him again. Sorry, Nope. He loves to float the idea of being bi or “sort of into” men every few years. Not buying it. Stay GONE boy.
    Dakota Payne – Good Luck. Always brings A + energy to any scene.
    NEVER understood the whole Austin Wilde thing. He has never been cute. I understand he is an asshole to deal with on any level.
    Ryan Jordan – Good Luck. You will be missed. Always a great porn “star” performance outta this guy.
    Mike De Marko – Usually a good performer. Liked him a lot in his scenes. But I don’t understand why he has a Twitter at all. There is nothing posted. Just endless links to Onlyfans postings….OH, OK.

  6. Yeah it is funny years later Cody is having a coming out party… video or it didn’t happen! (But honestly, I don’t care, he never was that hot to me, imo. I’d much rather see Trystan Bull in 2022 take a dick than Cody, and even then… I’d probably prefer seeing Samuel O’Toole take one over them both (If I were talking of the single artist site Next Door Clan))

  7. Oh gosh, is Cody Cummings plotting another comeback? His tweet has queer-baiting all over it. The tweet reads like he’s trying to own the fact that he’s bi and that he is same sex attracted but to a certain type of man and of course he had to throw in the “woman” to make it seem non-discriminatory and like he is fair in his bisexual heartbreaks. Give it up, Cody, UPS is hiring.

  8. Ryan Jordan, farewell. I think a lot of pornstars over stay their welcome. I’ve said that time and time again. Once you get to like 7-10 plus years in the business and 30+ scenes, you’ve over stayed your welcome. There’s nothing wrong with starting new endeavors

    1. Shelf life isn’t very long in this business. I think studios and OF performers would be wise to stash away a lot of their content and bring it out in future years. Flooding the market when you’re young(ish) just drives down demand. BelAmi does this quite a bit, and the content from the vault is often entertaining.

      1. Is that why Gayhoopla has so many old scenes of Colin Simpson? Lol. That’s actually a good idea; however, I hate when Belami does it cause you assume a model is still active in porn and he’s long gone.

  9. Austin Wilde doesn’t look different at all. I think he’s being too hard on himself because nothing was wrong with how he looked back in 2008.

  10. Austin Wilde has a big black dick that’s his claim to fame. It certainly isn’t his looks. The man is unattractive that’s for sure. Cody Cummings I think he is a strange guy. Seems like he is bisexual yet doesn’t like admitting it. He clearly likes it when another man sucks his dick.

    1. I think Austin Wilde is handsome. You just have limited euro based standards. That’s so 20th century!

  11. Cody Cummings, (we all known his real name, right?) started off with ambitions of a model and then a photographer, but he wasn’t exactly David Bailey. In fact, he failed miserably at both. Then came “gay” porn, but he never committed to it. “Oh, I’ll let a guy such my dick, I’ll even let Next Door Male create but I’ll beat the shit out of any guy who dares touch me during one of our “scenes”. He retires, tattoos his neck, tries again at photography and doesn’t get anywhere again. Oh, has a daughter between all that and last I heard, was a deadbeat dad (and he’s getting on, so she might even be pushing 20) and now he reawakens “Cody Cummings”, but without actually doing anything even remotely porn-like. How terrible must his life have gone, than it was already, that he’d Tweet?

    1. Most gay pornstars are failed somethings, typically failed actors or models.

      One positive thing I’ll say about Cody is he stuck true to himself regardless if it hurt gay men are not. So many men are eager to go all the way just for money and he had his limitations and was still successful so he can still hold on to his straightness to a larger degree than others who fuck, get fucked, get rock hard at the sight of a penis or being penetrated, take cum in every hole and still say they’re straight. OF has exposed a lot of them because their excuses used to be that porn is filmed in increments and now he usually shot in one angle and half the time and most of them have no problems performing.

  12. Johnny your dick may get butterflies in it, but it’s your fine little booty that launched and sustained your long porn career. Keep treating your booty to some good dick.

  13. LOL! The most “action” Cody Cummings ever had was men sucking his dick but then what would you expect for a Gay For Pay man like him.

    Austin Wilde has definitely aged well. Does anyone know why he quit doing scenes on Guys in Sweatpants?

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