Allen King, Kosta Viking, Carter DelRey, Dakota Payne, Cliff Jensen, Gabriel Clark & Ashton Silvers


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  1. Muggy

    I love how Denz posts that tweet of Ashton Silvers because he thinks we hate bisexuals. It highlights how much he doesn’t understand what people are actually complaining about. What a brainwashed simpleton.

    • pornlover

      You’re an incel. Sad and pathetic and lonely. Sucks to be you!

  2. Alex W

    I like Allen King, Bastian Karim, and Kosta Viking, but why the exuberance on winning a porn award? I guess if that makes them feel better about themselves, congrats on winning.

    Cliff Jensen is still a thing? I see him pop up consistently, but couldn’t tell you any of his scenes for the past few years. Disconnect from your porn past and be done with it already.

    Gabriel, you’re still cute and your attempts at being humble are succeeding. Then again, most guys in the business wear their narcissism proud. At least he contrasts the majority.

    Wait. Who is Ashton Silvers? Not throwing shade. Genuinely never heard of him. I guess I’m not missing much.

    • Jonathan

      It’s like getting a fun lil’ award at your office job. Not that serious, but nice to know the work you do is appreciated. Very weird how you think such a minor thing is somehow tied to these guys’ whole self-esteem. It’s not that serious or hard to grasp why they did one tweet saying that they enjoyed the experience of winning an award (as would most people).

      • Alex W

        Fair enough. Though, when you see all the guys who appear devastated and carry on about how they were slighted, it makes you wonder if this doesn’t impact their self-esteem. To me, if I were in the industry, I would be totally and utterly indifferent to receiving such a title/award. To each their own.

    • McM.

      Ashton Silvers has been in gay porn for two years now. You maaaayyyy (?) remember him as Kyler at Corbin Fisher. Tbh, he hasn’t really stood out. After CF he drifted around sites that make scenes you probably watch once then forget about.

      • Alex W

        Ah ok. I’m not much of a Corbin Fisher guy, so that would make sense. Some performers just don’t stand out though. If I had seen him in passing, he must’ve not made that big of an impression on me.

  3. Rockhard288

    Of course Ashton Silvers. Funny how once they reveal there vagina fucking they constantly seek it and parade it around on their socials.

  4. NotAnLMD

    I’m honestly a little surprised this didn’t get brought up:

    • Denz

      Tweet was two weeks ago.

      Somewhat related –

      • NotAnLMD

        Ah, thanks. I must’ve skipped that article because I didn’t recognize either of this guy’s names.

  5. Cherrystick

    Ashton Silvers wants more Long John Silvers. Whatever dude. Go to the str8 side and leave ours alone.

  6. McM.

    Hmm… I wonder. Does travel and lodging for attending a porn award show count as business related expenses, or does that tax claim only apply if a person is (also) performing at the show?

    • Ty Huber

      I would presume that would all be written off as business expense if you’re in the industry: networking, marketing, PR, etc. Probably not the booze and drugs.

  7. andrew

    Carter DelRey sure is handsome.

  8. Ron

    Carter – glad you are getting on PrEP (again?)… why go off, think safety 🙂

    Ashton – never heard of you… goodbye

    Allen & all Grabby winners – congrats, it is always nice to be recognized in your profession. For those that keep complaining that so and so were not nominated… get over it, maybe you just aren’t as important or popular as you are in your own mind! Plus, be happy that others get a chance to shine!

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