Caleb Mills & Leon Foreman at Breeder Bros

Caleb Mills, who had a wrestling scene with Stu of SC, has barebacked Leon Foreman (aka Leon King) at Gay Hoopla and Bi Guys Fuck.

The two were part of the latest orgy at Breeder Bros.

Breeder Bros was first known as Fraternity X (now redirects to Breeder Bros) then as Frat X (will redirect soon?).

From the owner of Breeder Bros

Ten years ago I launched FraternityX under the affiliate program JockBucks. That program merged into the MaleRevenue affiliate program in 2011. 

The recent changes to Visa and MasterCard rules forced the FraternityX website to move to at the end of 2021. My company began the process of re-releasing ten years of content that was removed from the websites. Working to ensure those re-releases complied with the credit card companies new rules.

In April 2022 the FraternityX website was forced to move again. This time to My company needed to form its own affiliate program.


  1. Love Caleb and Leon

    Wow, HG reunion. These 2 are hot

  2. Yodek

    Can’t sink any lower. Must be desperate for $$

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