Chris Blades, Jack Mackenroth, Nick Fitt, Michael Roman, Xtian Mingle, Eddie Danger, Tom Faulk, Dakota Lovell and more



Vin Roxx & Hatler Gurius this week.

Nick Fitt on hiring gay 4 pay models.

Porn tattoo.


  1. Neil

    Getting botox injections from an unstable meth-head in a corner of his apartment sounds like a great idea!

    • Reg

      You’re so right.

      Jack: “Botox?”

      Moron: “Great!”

      Jack: “Oh, sorry. I just injected you with heroin instead.”

  2. Rockhard288

    We could use a bit more tweets like the one from Devon Franco. Very wholesome and safe for work. Those two still look sexy completely clothed.

    • Alex W

      I’m with you. I’d love to see more tweets from more stable performers. I know those don’t make headlines. Unfortunately, “crazy” is good click bait.

      The sad thing is that if I were to eliminate all of the performers I dislike, there’d be about 3 left in the industry.

    • Magnus

      Agreed. Sexiest pic on the page.

  3. Danny

    OMG – Jack as someone who is putting a needle in you…. HELL NO!!! How crazy to think people would even consider taking him up on his new business.

    Also, why does this site keep giving some of these trashy guys a forum… Jack, Vin, Hatler, etc??!! There are plenty of no psycho gay guys that could be highlighted. Do better, please!

  4. Res1

    The Lance/Lacie Hart tweet with those big hard, rock, crooked titties is enough to make me puke up food from last YEAR. That’s a hot mess.

    • Muggy

      A straight guy with autogynephilia is always a hot mess. The fact that people affirm him as ‘trans’ is fucking hilarious and shows how off the rails the LGBT community is these days.

    • Reg

      I’ll admit, I’m not up on my sex change surgery knowledge…but if Lucy has already had the boob job, then what are the THREE remaining surgeries? Genital yes, but what on earth else? A face lift, vocal chord tightening, BBL, adam’s apple shaving, rib removal, womb transplant, etc?

  5. Pavel Ford

    UH, ok- that’s about what I figured Tom Faulk had going on in his brain. Lets hope that when he leaves the “McConnell Unit” he goes straight to a padded room and is never heard from again.
    Drugs are bad….OK?
    The rest of this list of attention starved, Ramshackle sad people is just depressing.

  6. Reg

    Who in the HELL would like self-proclaimed drug addict and psychopath Jack Mackenroth near them with ANY sort of medical procedure? He’s a bad example of the after effects of botox and filler himself, but he’s also INSANE…literally insane.

  7. Magnus

    I just can’t with Lance Hart. I hope he finds what he’s looking for. But can’t begin to imagine the demons he’s dealing with.

  8. Alex

    I am more irritated with people that insist on using “queer” as a catch-all term because they think “LGBT” is too damn hard to remember. And I know exactly who the kind of people that call themselves “queer” are, the most annoying ones that do not have a life.

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