Chris Damned, Lydian Grey & Kyle Wyncrest

Chris Damned, who only tops for gay porn studios, with his 3rd time as the top to Dakota Lovell at Say Uncle where Chris was first a therapist then a step uncle and now the doctor.

  • This is their 2nd pair-up where Dakota was creampied.

Lydian Grey with Damien Cruz as his 2nd bottom at Guys In Sweatpants.

Kyle Wyncrest, with no scene as the bottom, as the top to 2 guys taller than him – Scott Finn & Trevor Harris – at Next Door Studios [gallery].

9 thoughts on “Chris Damned, Lydian Grey & Kyle Wyncrest

  1. Christian Wilde fucked Chris Damned. That’s gay porn. I think you mean he only tops for studio porn. I’ve seen at least 4 other bottoming scenes Damned has done for OF and JFF.

    1. He’s been fucked by Sharok, Cole Connor, Alpha Wolfe, to name just a few, in amateur porn.

      I can’t believe i was ever so enthusiastic about him. Somehow I came across him on Twitter before he started doing studio porn and he was sooooooo handsome (and he hadn’t done the face tattoos yet) and always looking for dick and to get fucked. I didn’t get anything other than “I’m a gay guy” vibe.

      Then he started doing studio porn and IIRC, at first he was top only to a bunch of sorry-looking twinks. This big bad top act he puts on now is obnoxious, and I find him fake and overbearing.

      1. Agreed. I started out really liking Chris. He was super handsome and I figured he’d go a long way. Then we got to know him a bit more as a person and that all sort of went out the window. Insufferably obnoxious, rude to his fans and then the ambiguity surrounding his sexuality… Meh. I still think he’s gay leaning, but that doesn’t negate his behavior online.

  2. I saw a video of Chris yesterday. It was a threeway with his hair still trashy blond and he was bottoming, but his hole looked like it was prolapsing. One of the guys was inside and it just looked like some of it was a step behind :-/

    1. I already posted above; this is just an addition. I think I saw a clip where he bottomed in a threesome with Drew Valentino and maybe Beau Butler. I typically try not to say anything too negative here, but I think Chris Damned is a big annoying phony.

  3. There a several Chris Damned bottoming scenes at RawFuckClub.
    Kyle Wincrest is boring.

  4. And we’re still highlighting Chris Damned for that reason????? Better yet, why did we ever find this guy to be noteworthy?????

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