Say Uncle is a network of sites that includes updates of re-release scenes from sites like Randy Blue, Blake Mason, Club Bang Boys, Cutler’s Den & Latino Guys Porn. Is it worth to join Say Uncle because of it?

Male Access consists of updates from Bromo, Sean Cody, Men, Reality Dudes & Czech Hunter. But, not all scenes from the past are included. Is it worth to join Male Access just for the daily updates?

6 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. Don’t see how. Much of the content is recycled and the original series are ‘eh’ to bad. SayUncle has a way of making guys like Adrian Hart and Isaac X uninteresting.

  2. I think the phrase “mileage may vary” applies here.

    Is it worth it if you follow the scene and have had previous memberships to a majority of the websites or even previously subbed to the older websites? NO.

    Is it worth if you’re one of those consumers who’s like….I’ve always wanted to try those sites but never jumped: yes. It’s a good smattering / sampler of the sites.

    Again….mileage may vary.

  3. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! The sites on Male Access (Sean Cody, Bromo, Men. Com) have IMMENSELY depleted their actual catalogues/titles. There are TONS of videos that USED to be on those three sites that are now ALL GONE. Especially on Sean Cody, there are hundreds of video clips gone from the site. A massive amount came down due to some change over (according to them) about 1-2 years ago and still, the MAJORITY of those scenes has not returned.
    Also, BOTH Say Uncle and Male Access do NOT include downloads- they want you to PAY EXTRA for that and it does NOT COME CHEAP). NEITHER site is worth it. MEN.COM, SEAN CODY, BROMO, etc. SKIP THEM. NOT worth it! Go to sites that INCLUDE in their price BOTH streaming AND downloading! Why fuck your consumer with more charges!

    1. FalconGroup (Falcon/Hot House, Raging Stallion, NakedSword), Lucas Entertainment and Cutler’s Den include unlimited downloads. So does Next Door, Disruptive, and GISP.

      Loads of other places for people to go.

  4. No I advocate for gay men to ONLY pay for porn for your favorite model like only fans or Just4fans. Regular porn just get off the internet.

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