Kyle, Liam, Devy, Dylan, Jared, Rocky, Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince & Ruslan Angelo

Sean Cody with Kyle, Liam & Devy.

  • Liam with facial hair.
  • No wood problems from Liam while Devy was semi hard most of the time.
  • Kyle in the middle of a train fuck.
  • Liam ate cum.

Corbin Fisher with Dylan, Jared & Rocky

  • Same set of guys having sex with one another over and over.
  • Dylan’s hole rimmed & fingered by Jared & Rocky.
  • Dylan shot his load while getting fucked by Rocky.

Lucas Entertainment with Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince & Ruslan Angelo.

  • Ruslan fisted by Kosta and Babylon.
  • Kosta in the middle of a train fuck.
  • Ruslan shot his load while getting fucked by Kosta. While, Kosta shot his load while fucking Ruslan and licked his own cum when it oozed out of Ruslan’s hole.
  • It ended with Ruslan eating the cum of Babylon.

14 thoughts on “Kyle, Liam, Devy, Dylan, Jared, Rocky, Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince & Ruslan Angelo

  1. Am I the only one who finds fisting disturbing and actually gross? I don’t know what the sudden obsession with all these guys doing it now, but I think they need their heads examining :-/

    I can’t actually stand the psycho, but apparently Jack Mackenroth is out of commission because of a fisting “incident” at the moment. Maybe he and Dolf got into another fist fight, but it involved Jack’s bowels instead of his face this time :-/

    1. I can’t speak to the safety of it and don’t have a beef with it, but what I notice about fisting and being fucked simultaneously by two dicks is the ubiquity of both in today’s porn. I guess it comes with the advent of specialized sites and amateur sites, i.e., it was there all along, but in the past, “legacy” studios rarely filmed fisting, and when they did, it was specialty content you had to pay extra for; it was such a niche activity that it wasn’t profitable to be committed to video otherwise?

      Falcon had Ray Butler and Jarod Clark; once in a blue moon someone else. In the first Powertool movie, a guy sits on two dicks at the same time in a shower scene; later, Spencer Quest in a Titan scene. I know there must be other examples, but I just don’t recall seeing it like you do now.

      Watch pretty much any OFS or J4F orgy today and it’s not long before someone says, “Ready for your DP?” Again, I don’t have a beef with it; I had a FB who was into it and think it’s hot; just noticing the sea change in seeing it. I mostly wonder, how do these guys get to the point where they can do that so young?

      That said, I gripe sometimes about guys who only top and how boring that is. Feel the same about Ruslan Angelo, Drew Dixon, Michael Boston, and spider-monkey-in-heat Allen King. I know these guys can take a fire hose a(nd that they very occasionally top), but I’ve seen enough of them.

      1. IIRC there was a legal/obscenity issue back before online porn. Dangerous or illegal sexual activity was very uncommon in rental versions of porn. Rental versions of gay vids always had the fisting segments cut out. Similarly there was much more care not to even suggest underage sex, rape, incest. Don’t know if that’s still true for rental porn, but then who rents porn any more?

        1. I forgot all about that. I remember there was a Titan movie I wanted to buy but with the restricted content and they wouldn’t ship it to my state.

    2. Yeah, you definitely aren’t tin the minority on that one. I get grossed out buy it too, we may like the muppets, but queer people aren’t muppets. (No I’m joking, I can only assume the people that do like this stuff are highly passionate about it… butt I find it gross… it’s just too much for me) You can get a finger or two up in there, but let’s not get greedy!

  2. The SC had two separate scenes, both of them excellent with cum eating. The CF was pretty boring until the end when Jared fed Dylan and Rocky bred him and then they all snowballed.At least Rocky’s bush hadn’t been trimmed for this one. My question remains about Dylan: Are they trying to ,turn him gay? Rocky seems to be truly bi with a lean toward guys and Jared seems totally gay.but that’s IMHO. The Lucas was an insult.

    1. On CF Rocky and Chris said they are dating, not sure that was for the cameras or not but it seemed pretty real.

  3. I actually saw today that Sean Costin is Tweeting something that I’d never even heard of before, let alone unfortunately seen…having his hole sucked out with a pump. It seriously looks like a cross-between a prolapse and a pair of collagen lips and really reminds me of the state of some of these guys after they’re fisted. The human body clearly doesn’t like these things being done to it and you’re not telling me that there aren’t consequences…from regular sex, to going to the toilet, to even sitting down :-/

    1. Oh it’s a thing all right. I don’t recall seeing it in anything other than a homemade video, but Corey/Cory Jay had some pics and I think video of him doing it on a tube site at one time (since taken down). The tube was full.

      1. It makes me CRINGE just thinking about it. And I just don’t understand how it can go back in unaided or not fall out again! I’m reminded of Sideshow Bob and how his face kept falling off over and over again.

  4. Love watching the sexy trio Rocky Tate, Jared and Dylan gettin it on. Over the last few years the Tate man has developed into a good looking muscular hottie.

  5. The SC video looks hot. But then scrolling down to the Lucas pics, I almost lost my lunch. He could be the hottest actor on the planet… but as soon as he’s in a fisting scene, that actor is pretty much dead to me.

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