Luke West, Lan & Tarzan Top

Luke West was double penetrated by Markus Kage, who wore a strap on dildo, at The Bro Network.

Lan, who shared behind the scenes photos at Sean Cody last February, with his first scene at Sean Cody as the top to Devy.

  • There was kissing.
  • No cock sucking from Lan.
  • Lan shot his load on Devy’s face.

Tarzan Top with his first scene at Raging Stallion [gallery] as the top to Beau Butler

  • Beau was rimmed, fingered then fucked by Tarzan.
  • Tarzan creampied Beau.
  • Beau shot his load while getting fucked. Then, Tarzan sucked Beau’s cock while inside Beau.


  1. bo

    Luke West is seriously hot, hope he stays around. Lan ID;d as “very gay” and versatile in his pre-scene interview but needed to suck Devy’s cock. Tarzan is very versatile, very hot. Nice choice of newbies, Demz.

  2. andrew

    Anybody who thinks that beards and lots of tattoos look great on a guy should just compare Markus Kage’s look to how great Luke West looks.

    • Ted

      Oh god… when you don’t even realize you have personal types and preferences… I had to go look up who “Luke West” was and he turned out to be the guy in the scene with Markus Kage! Just appreciate that not everyone shares your taste…

      (I appreciate not everyone shares my own tastes)

      • andrew

        Oh no. I thought that everyone shares my own tastes. How kind it is of you to correct my misunderstanding. LOL!!!!!!!

  3. Andy

    Markus Kage is overweight he is just gross. I guess going for the fat white hairy bear Market.

  4. Cherrystick

    Yeah anything with Markus Kage is an instant turn off.

  5. Bucko

    Lan is a hot stud and is versatile but I’m afraid SC may only want to portray him as a top which would be a shame as he’s hot as a bottom as well!

  6. Reg

    The thing that gets me about Markus is how stunning a man he started out as. No tattoos, clean shaven, doing that naked cooking show and respectable modelling. He looked great, but he’s just gone so downhill. Ryan Bones is going the same way, but Markus couldn’t look worse if he tried. And I’m assuming the strap-on is because he also isn’t up to the job.

  7. Ty Huber

    I’ve made it a goal to stop posting negative remarks about the way a model looks. Serves no purpose and is mean. When I see a model whose appearance isn’t pleasing to me, I try to quietly hold that opinion to myself.

    • Reg

      This a safe space. The only people who should be ashamed of themselves are the ones who judge you for your opinion and make horrific and personal comments about you, on your posts. Be honest, be open, say whatever you like.

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