Manny (aka Diego Daniels) is out of Sean Cody

Manny was introduced by Sean Cody in 2016.

There was a pause in his career at Sean Cody from 2020 to 2021 but remained an exclusive model. This was the time he joined Twitter as Diego Daniels.

His comeback scene at Sean Cody last November 2021 was with Kyle Fletcher. And, his most recent scene released was with Beck last May.

Manny just filmed for Next Door Studios this week.

11 thoughts on “Manny (aka Diego Daniels) is out of Sean Cody

  1. No thanks. I never found Manny/Diego Daniels sexy, and I’m not a fan of most of his performances. This guy has been in the business for 7 years and he worked nonstop at Sean Cody. Next Door/Active Duty/Disruptive Films customers better prepare to see this little slut in a lot of scenes.

    1. Fuck yeah!

      As an NDS subscriber, I look forward to seeing this little slut in a lot of scenes.

  2. Too bad that Ryan Jordan just hung up his spurs, he would have enjoyed Diego’s girth.

  3. Epic scene for me in Manny, Brysen and Randy fucking on the beach in Puerto Rico. Epic!!!

  4. Meh, he’s just another gay dude that abuses steroids like many in this industry.

    1. Yeah, he’s still attractive, but he was better in earlier times when he wasn’t so bulked up.

  5. Sean Cody’s loss. Manny was an awesome performer and did many hot scenes for that studio.

  6. Considering how many G4P top only guys there are in the business when you have a guy who’s willing to bottom you should hang on to him.

  7. I never saw the appeal of Manny a basic looking white guy with a small dick. He is okay looking but nothing special or amazing. I am guessing Manny aged out the Sean Cody brand is all about young white guys. I am guessing Manny is in his 30s or close to it. Sean cody has hired some new guys but the only one I like is Phillip the new bottom.

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