Michael Boston, Jeremiah & Chris White

Michael Boston with Roman Todd and Alia Donovan for Why Not Bi and Men.

  • It’s Roman with Alia and Roman with Michael. No intimate contact between Alia and Michael.
  • Roman kissed Alia and Michael.
  • Michael swallowed Roman’s cum.

Jeremiah with Justin as his second bottom at Sean Cody.

  • Just like Jeremiah’s first scene with Kyle – sucked Jeremiah’s cock and got fucked.
  • Cum of Jeremiah was a lot.
  • Jeremiah looked tired.

Chris White in a threesome with Evan Knoxx and Brian O’Connor at Stag Collective and Next Door Studios [gallery].

  • Lots of kissing.
  • Evan’s cock was the most sucked cock in this threesome.
  • All three guys got fucked.
  • Evan ate cum.
  • Evan shot his load right after Brian shot his load on Evan.

20 thoughts on “Michael Boston, Jeremiah & Chris White

  1. Michael Boston will be fucking women on camera soon enough. He’s bisexual in his private life. He’s just easing his fanbase into it right now after lying for so many years. It really just underscores how very dishonest and calculated he is.

  2. I also heard Michael Boston does fuck women in his private life. I guess it is all about branding and marketing. I actually wanted to see Michael fuck the woman. What’s the point being in a bi video and not fuck the woman too? Wesley Woods, Dakota Payne, fuck women in bisexual videos. Surprised Michael didn’t do that

  3. Yeah, Michael Boston might bottom heartily, but he’s on the straight side of bi. And I think he’s always just been gay4pay, but I see Roman Todd has “come out” as straight. He’s got his girlfriend tagged in his Twitter bio now. With all these guys, “gay” is just a job.

    1. You really think so? I am in no way defending Michael Boston, but do you honestly believe he’s straight? He’s so effeminate. Not that you can’t be straight and lean towards that spectrum. Nothing about him screams straight to me, aside from his participation with the opposite sex. Maybe he is bi. If he is, he should just come clean and be up front about it. I don’t have a problem with his bisexuality (so long as I’m not witness to it) via camera. I have a problem with deceit however. If he’s misleading the fans, he should definitely be called out.

      1. I know so many “straight acting”, although they’re not acting, gay men and some seriously camp, effeminate and actually flaming men, who are wholly straight. It’s not an indicator anymore. And maybe if some of these guys didn’t do porn, then they’d be legitimately bisexual or even openly gay, but gay porn seems to provide the outlet they need to then be straight and “normal” in the real world.

        Michael Boston, Johnny Rapid…if they weren’t getting paid to get prick, then they might actually seek it out in their private lives, but no, “I only date women, can only have emotional connections with women, can only love women”, etc.

        1. I feel you. Especially on Johnny Rapid. Can’t stand the dude. He’s very transparent and has made it pretty clear who he is. It just goes to prove that just because you can take copious amounts of cock, doesn’t make you gay when your private life deeply contrasts your professional life. As for MB. Don’t know. He’s a bit like Chris Damned in that way. I still maintain that they are not straight, but only they really know what their sexuality is. I can’t see any woman wanting either of them, to be honest.

    2. I don’t think Michael Boston is straight that boy is very effeminate along with his twin brother. According to another gay website I read he does have sex with women off camera. Michael probably one of those gay men that fuck FTM like Adrian Hart and Boomer Banks.

  4. Yeah this is how it goes. Michael is slowly stirring in little shots of vagina in his stew of deceit. This is how Wesley Woods did and how so many of these lame asses cook up their true desires.

    In Michael’s case it started with hidden trans scenes on his OF. Michael for damn sure didn’t want that to be found out about because neither him nor his scene partner promoted that shit. His utter rudeness towards his gay fans during the backlash from being exposed was a telling sign of things to come.

    Now it’s a shot of bisexual porn but with “I didn’t touch her pussy” excuses. Well you damn sure fucked Roman once he got done fucking her so I’m sure you had some taste and deposits going on in the whole mess of it all.

    Michael will do exactly like Drew Dixon. He’ll be doing full blown str8 sex scenes before too long and spitting in the faces of his soon to be ex gay followers. At least he’ll have his twin brother to help him out in the defense department.

      1. Hell yes he did. This stupid ass flick produced by a homophobic director who has some sick obsession with gay men having str8 sex. Just go on Drew’s Twitter and you’ll come across the flick. He has no gay scenes in the vid. Two str8 sex scenes and one orgy with him mainly focused on the females.

        To make matters worse, he then said that it was the highlight of his career and the best thing to happen in his career. Remember though he was the same man proclaiming how gay and homo he was and that he would never fuck a female. Huge ass hypocrite and liar.

  5. Chris White appears to be totally gay and seems to love cum and Justin the Jock is gay and loves cum and dominates the Jeremiah scene just by being in it. I am stunned to learn about Michael Boston.

    1. A lot of us were stunned by Michael. More about his behavior afterwards than the actual acts.

  6. Is anyone surprised by this? I mean seriously.

    The trans scene (which he tried to hide at all costs) was the gateway drug to this, which in turn will be the gateway drug for straight scenes in the future. Just you all await…

    When I saw this my only reaction was to laugh out loud, because again this was nothing short of the expected.

    This either one of two things: either he has been lying about being gay this whole time or he’s trying way too hard to please his gay4pay/bissexual colleagues.

  7. justin evan blaine and chris seem to be gay and love being loved by other men…for all those who deride others who perform gay sex with other men who are not gay…stop watching their scenes and ask sites like this not to profile their work…as long as they can make money and studios make money off of their work…they will

  8. People got to remember Michael Boston is a SEX WORKER they fuck anyone for money. If the price is right they will fuck women. Pierce Paris has a wife and a new born baby yet he is fucking men, women, and trans left and right. Pierce Paris has bottomed, been top just like Michael Boston. Money is money after all.

    1. Interesting point, but here’s the thing: as far as I know, Pierce Paris doesn’t go around declaring himself as gay while fucking women, does he?

      People like him love to flaunt their supposed gayness around when it’s convenient, only to abandon it when it ceases to be so, you know, just like Nick Fitt just did recently? Yeah…

      This is even more relevant in Michael’s case because he loves to do this: post after post signaling his gayness only to fuck FtMs on the side, lie about it and then all pissy when people question him about it.

      That’s where the problem lies…

  9. Why does it matter if someone is “gay in their personal life.” Seems to me we all wanted to see naked dudes with hard dicks…..it’s what we got. You want more from male “performers.” Its simply you wanting more and they bare no fault from not meeting the rainbow flag marching down the street bs….

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