Nick Fitt “No longer will I hire “Gay for Pay” entertainers to play the role of gay/bi models.”

Nick Fitt works as the head of production at Falcon Studios. And, he has decided not to hire models who are gay for pay for a gay or bisexual scene.

It’s a personal choice and does not reflect the position of any company that he represents.

And, one of the companies that Nick represents is Falcon Studios which issued this statement.

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28 thoughts on “Nick Fitt “No longer will I hire “Gay for Pay” entertainers to play the role of gay/bi models.”

  1. Poor guy. He’s already been forced to delete the tweet andhas received backlash from companies / performers since gay porn is infested with people he said he’d no longer hire. Not that he would be able to actually do anything concrete, since nowadays these G4P try to get away with things by using vague terms like ‘no label’, fluid, pan, or whatever so at the end of the day he’d still be hiring a bunch of G4P disguised as ‘queer’. But I appreciate the sentiment, as Ethan Dale mentioned in his reply, that gay porn needs a serious change in dynamics and gayness needs to be much more centered and celebrated than it currently is.

    1. Make no mistake there is still a movement in this country to stigmatize gay people under the cloak of religious freedom, etc. The last thing we need is for people making money off the gay porn industry to be contributing to the problem. I agree that people can identify however they wish as long as they perform on the set, but I would add they can’t be propagating gay self-loathing, i.e if you are G4P and then say you think gay sex is “icky” or some such nonsense, you’re done.

      1. Oh yes I totally agree with you, but then again to be honest a lot of the gay self-loathing comes from people who
        say they identify as LGBT. What I meant in my post was that how these people identify is the least of our concerns, what needs to change is the overall attitude towards homosexuality and gay sex.

      2. This is nothing more than hollow, useless virtue signaling.

        Did he just decided to grow a conscience now?! lol

        Being g4p is not a problem on and off itself, but being an ass and a hypocrite definitely is, and as we all know, this industry loves to enable assholes and homophobes.

        Changing the current state of affairs will take way more than simply ejecting g4ps from the industry.

    2. It doesn’t hurt to see masculine men in gay porn. It helped me embrace my masculinity as a gay male.

  2. The problem he is running into is of his own creation. He broadcast an intention to hire and fire people on the basis of their sexual orientation. That’s a violation of U.S. Civil Rights laws. The hardest part of a discrimination claim to prove is intent. He’s supplied that. Bonehead move.

    1. I hate to disappoint you sweetie, but sexual orientation is not protected by U.S. Civil Rights law, at all. Some protection has existed in the past due to the right to privacy interpretation in the constitution (also not an actual law, which is why Orange Man’s additions to SCOTUS are about to toss out Roe v. Wade).

      In the same way that a film studio or a producer can cast (or cannot) cast a trans actor for a trans role, or a person of color (or not cast them) for a role written to be performed by a POC, while it’s not a good position for someone to broadcast it as ‘an intention,’ it’s not against the law in private practice for something like entertainment, sweetie darling.

      1. Sexual Orientation was added to Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 in 2020, SWEETIE.

  3. If I find a porn model sexually attractive and I like his performances, it’s fine with me if he’s gay or g4p.

  4. Nick Fitt is such a hypocrite. He’s bitching and moaning about the sanctity and preservation of gayness, when he was in a long term relationship with a FTM. I remember an interview he gave back in the day about how he was more concerned about impregnating his trans “bf” than transmitting any disease over to him. I think some of these people make their own set of rules as they go along. whatever best fits the narrative of the day. God, he makes my skin crawl.

    1. Yes that’s my only issue with his soapbox is he simply enables this madness. This guy used to identify as gay, but then went to “fluid”/bi and started cavorting with guys like Dante Cole. He loves to yell about all the bi and straight scenes he’s doing now as well as gaslight those with FTM nonsense. I think he’s not a good messenger for this.

      1. He’s just flat out nuts! He doesn’t practice what he preaches and he expects others to live up to his self-imposed set of rules and then calls them bigots and homophobes when they don’t. Hell, he can’t even live up to his rules. I don’t particularly like G4P performers either, but my position on it, is to not watch scenes that features these guys. If more of us didn’t subscribe to this nonsense, they wouldn’t have an audience and they’d move along. I know that’s not going to happen though. Straight men are one of the biggest fetishes in the industry. Everyone’s got their fantasy, I guess. It just doesn’t happen to be mine.

      2. He’s literally made his internalized homophobia into a fetish. He’s obsessed with the concept of ex-gay conversion. He even posted memes about it. He needs to fuck off and shut his mouth about this. He’s fixated on getting attention, and he trend hops to do it.

    2. And there it is…

      I’m going to say this: I prefer g4ps than “gays” like him, because at least they’re honest about who they are.

      The arrogance and cynicism of this man…

  5. I feel sorry for Gay people who live out their fantasy of the male through these G4P dudes. If you are effeminate, own it. These guys use us then tweet or go on trash TV shows and throw their straightness in our faces.
    If I hire(yes, I said it) a guy for sex and he starts out talking about his girlfriend, I say see ya and move on. Don’t want to hear that crap.
    If you are selling cock, put your heart into it. Not going to keep greasing your palm to do certain things.

  6. It might not be discriminatory if the casting is bone fine occupational qualification (BFOQ). If the scenes require gay sex, it could consider a requirement of the job that person identifies as gay. It would be like a gym hiring only females to tidy women’s locker rooms and males for men’s rooms. This can get tricky, but that’s why there are legal experts out there to help employers.

  7. This is just politics I don’t get, especially in a place of actual hostile LGBTQ spaces, as the right wing has already started to take their hoods off and go after gay people, while tricking people that they only care about attacking trans people.

    In my opinion, Problematic porn is displaying all these “Don’t tell my wife”, “turning straights gay” kind of porn that we are flooded with (although not as much as there use to be), I don’t care as much about what these models actually do or feel in their private lives. I think there is an argument for the ones that are pretty homophobic, but we’ve dealt with gay models that have said some openly homophobic/anti-lgbtq stuff on twitter over the years too. I don’t know, it seems like it can leave an ugly look, especially if those same people are being paid to dance at pride, but these are mostly powerless people, I don’t actually care. Meanwhile, there are plenty of G4P ally models that are pro-LGBTQ that we would be writing off or excluding.

    This also feels like it is just a dirty or disgraceful as the straight studios that don’t want to work with gay porn models. I don’t know… it just feels like we are having our actual rights and freedoms under attack and people are prioritizing this kind of identity politics. I just don’t really get it. (I mean, people here have helped me to understand a little, but over all I just still don’t get it). To me this is not the same thing as Walmart or Chick-Fil-A selling pride merch.

  8. And all the gay4payers who call themselves bi? Is he planning to legitimately vet them and make sure that they’re not lying? If you took straight men out of gay porn, then there would be very few active “gay” porn stars today…especially since they’re the ones getting awards and the most publicity.

    I’d love gay only for gay porn! It’s not going to happen though.

  9. uh, you can’t do that. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is AGAINST THE LAW in California.

    1. Yes, and that’s why the tweet was removed. If a straight/bi performer won’t do certain things in a scene then don’t hire them. The required actions are generally given before a scene is filmed. If they are issuing negative views about doing gay porn then don’t hire them again.

    2. I think you can under certain circumstances actually. The movie industry is allowed to do it.

  10. Nick Fitt should shut up and sit down.. He was posting conversion therapy memes on his Twitter profile a while back. He fetishes homophobia and his own ex-gay conversion. He’s nothing more than a virtue signally idiot who will do anything he thinks will get him attention and other social rewards.

  11. If this was said by someone else, I’d be on board but Nick Fitt is the follicle filled, toned up version of Drew Dixon. I’m so so gay one moment, I like females and pussy the next. So his hypocritical stance is nothing more than a failed attempt to fit back in with the group he so easily exploits himself.

    The blame isn’t solely on these “for payers”, it’s truly on our gay community too. Whenever people like the Delgaty duds, William Seed and new duds like John Bronco are hyped out the ass, I just shake my head. Especially when the gays defend these men and when the gay models perform with these men. They’ll go on and give tweets like Nick’s an “amen sister” and then next week film with these duds. Jkab Ethan Dale is a prime example. He’s celebrating the tweet by Nick but just in April he released a scene getting power plowed by “for payer” Malik while getting slapped in the face and degraded by him during their lame fans shoot.

    The pathetic gays who fanboy after these guys will cut your ass if you bring up your disdain for these types. Then you even have YouTube interviewers who will give them platforms for interviews. There’s dedicated blogs and forums that will praise the gay for payers and even more reprehensible the straight for payers like Riley Mitchel, Drew Dixon, Thyle Knoxx and Francois Sagat.

    The problem is also that if Nick were to try to successfully pull of this agenda, it’ll never work. These so called bisexual men in our realm of porn are exactly the men he wants to exclude. They’re these heteronormative men who will fuck guys for fan sites but would never fathom being with a male in their societal lives. They’ll easily say they’re bi and waltz on in for those rainbow laced paychecks to take they’re girlfriends or wives out for dinner the next night.

    Plus there’s some weird ass fascination with bi-washing our homosexuality in porn, sex work and life in general. I can’t believe some of the rhetoric and statements that have been made by some about how close minded gay men are for not liking pussy or trying out pussy. Gays are labeled misogynists because of our lack of attraction and our being vocal on our feelings. This comes mainly from bi men.

    Matter of fact I believe now more than ever that there’s no such thing as “for pay”. “For pay” is simply “always were/never was”. If you’re yelling that you’re “str8” but having sex with the same sex it’s because you “always were” wanting to do so. If you’re “gay” and having sex with women it’s because you “never were” gay. Gay is homosexuality aka not fucking vaginas. So these guys use “for pay” as their justifications.

    So Nick take several damn seats please and go on. Nice try!

    1. I have to say, I agree with everything you say. Your views are so similar to mine in almost every post. I have contemplated the reasons for why some of these guys would be G4P and why others like Johnny Sins or Rocco Siffredi would never do it for any amount of money. It makes me wonder. I know everyone’s different and obviously motivated by different things, but…. Sexual fluidity and middle of the line Kinsey scalers could fit in that category. I, myself am 100% homosexual. I also defy some of the stereotypes. I’m 6’3, 190 and have a deep masculine voice. I’ve also known guys who have been slightly effeminate who were 100% heterosexual. You just never know, I guess.

  12. I’m actually agree with Falcon statement… The main word is ‘as long as they deliver on set’… This is porn… And why people should care about someone sexuality… Who ever they want to date it doesn’t matter… Even if they really hire gay actor and that gay actor can’t deliver or have connection with their partner what the point just having gay actor…

  13. Why does it matter what the sexuality of the performer is? I just wanna see hot guys having gay sex. Some men may be straight identifying but wanting to explore their sexuality, but even if it’s a straight man just performing, I don’t care that much.

  14. I feel that gay performers should always be the first ones offered roles in gay porn simply because it is more authentic and that authenticity makes for a better product. GAY4PAY models are doing it for the money and it always shows in the scenes they do. There is less chemistry and passion in their scenes and the acting comes across as forced and inauthentic.

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