6 thoughts on “Radek Pozer, Caleb Mills & Buck Richards

  1. The WH scenes present a vivid contrast between European dietary practices and American dietary practices. I’ll leave it up to the reader as to who is better off dietarily and health wise.

  2. It’s nice to see Buck back, but I WISH that instead of spending money on more terrible tattoos, that he’d use it on laser removal for the ones he’s already got.

    1. Agree 100%. I think he’s very handsome. Has a big dick. An energetic performer. But, sheesh, that awful headphone tattoo. Most of us do dumb stuff when we’re young that we later regret; I wish he’d undo that.

  3. I love me some Buck! I don’t care about the tats. It’s him wanting to express himself – everyone does it or wishes they did (I’m referring to myself). Buck is a nasty dude who puts a lot of gusto into his performances. Initially, I was eh… but he’s gets better with each scene. His POV scene with Hunter Triad is a must see.

  4. Europeans that look like children, or trashy Americans that look like they’re from Tampa. Not a good choice.

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