Robert Smola, Sam Narcis & Timber Adams

Robert Smola, whose dick was first measured at 6.3″ but now at 6.69″, is known for his work at William Higgins. He is also John Crawford at Helix Studios & Boy Fun, where his cock was measured at 8.5″.

UPDATE He is Craig Malone at East Boys.

Sam Narcis was introduced last month by William Higgins where he had a foursome with Robert Smola. He is also Ollie Barn at Staxus and he is the latest update at Club Bang Boys as Peter M.

FZYWZE is up next at Chaos Men with his scene as the bottom to Jack Andy. On Twitter, he is known as Timber Adams.


  1. nekszus

    Sam Narcis is Ollie Barn in Staxus.
    He isn’t Faun (= the old man name), he is Peter M. in clubbangboys.

    • Denz

      I edited the post. Thanks!

  2. bo

    Robert Smola identified as gay in his Higggins Erotic Solo. Good perfromer, likes cum.

    • bo

      Forgot to mention he is fucked and fed by Taras Valentin on Higgins this week, Taras also ID’d as gay. Sam Narcis ID’d as str8 in Higgins solo. Sure.

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