Bo Sinn, Pierce Paris & Jayden Marcos

Bo Sinn, who stopped filming for gay porn last March, at Bromo as the top to FTM Austin Spears.

Tattooed blond twink Austin Spears hungrily sucks Bo Sinn, sloppily deepthroating the top before Bo rips open the tguy's shorts for a little art project… Bo squirts colored liquid in Austin's ass and makes him squirt it out, and Austin asks for all the colors! Bo oils up Austin's ass and spanks him, then fucks the bottom hard, before he pulls out and cums on Austin's hole.

Pierce Paris as the house manager at Boys Halfway House with Masyn Thorne as his bottom for the second time.

Jayden Marcos is up next at Disruptive Films with Ian Holms (or Holmes) as his top – two influencers cancelled for pretending to be gay so they made a sex video.

Adam Vaugn (Jayden Marcos) and Camden Fenton (Ian Holms) are straight influencers who gain clout by pretending to be gay. Adam tells Camden that they've been found out and subsequently canceled. Adam decides that the best way to deal with backlash is to prove that they're gay and make a porno.

15 thoughts on “Bo Sinn, Pierce Paris & Jayden Marcos

    1. These things are filmed months, or in the case of BelAmi, years in the past.

    2. You know right this wasn’t LIVE? Of course this scene filming before the issue…

  1. It’s official. After looking at this post, I think I will come out as asexual. Let’s have a bit more FTM porn, shall we? I need to deplete what’s remaining of my sex drive. 😨

    1. I used to get really shocked by this shit, but now I’m just desensitized and indifferent to the whole thing.

      Didn’t MindGeek made a poll a while ago asking if people wanted to see puss-I mean “front hole” on SeanCody? I wonder how that played out…

      They already worked with all of their ability to include bi content on their gay sites, going as far as to pick self-identified “gay men” to fuck women on camera. How nice…

      First was the “tragedy”, now it’s the farce.

      1. Nothing surprises me anymore. If Marco Paris (the whitest man alive) thinks he’s a POC, then the trans stuff is minor league to me.

        Well. There are two things I am not attracted to. 1. Femininity and 2. Vaginas. If either/or are present in porn, I’m not watching it.

  2. Masyn Thorne has come a long way from str8 to bi to now pretty much gay and along with Colby Chambers (who’s bred him twisc and fed him once) has the best pubes in the game, a real bush, check it out. Denz, you ought to hold a contest and ask readers to submit great bushes and then have them vote on the best.

    1. I think that’d be a short list. Alpha Wolfe has what looks like intact (unshaved) pubes, enough so anyway that it elicits a lot of comments, and it’s hot. I can get into Matthew Figata, but I hate his completely shaved swimsuit area; I guess it might look OK on a twink but not a man his age.

      Pierce Paris looks like the grownup version of that kid playing a banjo on the bridge in “Deliverance.”

  3. When the Austin Spears video was first posted on’s main page, the video had a horrid 22% popularity rating after thousands of view. Then the video was pulled off the front page for days and you couldn’t find it unless you searched.

    It’s now been put back on the front page with a dramatically higher popularity rating.

    Red flag.

    1. It’s almost like MindGeek took the video out of the main page in order to cook the numbers they wanted.

      “You see guyz, gay men totally love vaginas in their porn! It’s just a couple of vile, bigoted bigots who don’t like this kind of content, so let’s make more of it!”

      It’s almost funny to contemplate how astroturfed this shit is.

  4. It’s ok.. the 2 guys who founded mindgeek/ pornhub stepped down this week from their VP posts.. I guess being accused of promoting hateful sex acts finally did them in.

  5. The only guy that interests me in this post is Ian Holms, though I’d have preferred him in a flip scene.

    Bo Sinn can sod right off.

  6. The porn industry is over. The guys are not spank worthy anymore. I get turned on by twitter amateurs now.

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