Vin Roxx, Hatler Gurius, Seth Peterson, Clark Reid, Josh of SC, Ashton Silvers, Larkin Magnus, Damien White & Diesel Washington

Vin Roxx this week

More of Ashton Silvers as Kyler at Corbin Fisher.


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22 thoughts on “Vin Roxx, Hatler Gurius, Seth Peterson, Clark Reid, Josh of SC, Ashton Silvers, Larkin Magnus, Damien White & Diesel Washington

  1. Vin Roxx is messing with spiritual forces while he can’t even comprehend his own sexual orientation. Bad juju all around. Feel sorry for any guy that fucks around with him.


  2. This guy Vin Roxx guy is really trying to become the biggest jerk (no pun intended) in gay porn, isn’t he? I mean he has stiff competition (no pun intended either lol) but he’s doing a very good job in saying the most obnoxious and ignorant crap week after week.

  3. Drugs, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, criminal activities, right wing nut jobs, left wing nut jobs, etc.. the list is endless when it comes to some porn stars (today, yesterday and probably tomorrow). Vin Roxx is just one in a long list. Leo Tolstoy: “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness,”

  4. Vin Roxx seems…unstable. Is it being sex negative if I think children shouldn’t know their parents do porn, or anything about their sex life? Is it creepy that someone’s daughter would pick out an outfit that says “Daddy” on it? I also don’t understand linking telling your kids you’re gay (completely fine) to telling them you do porn (questionable).

    I don’t want to be a hater, but I just don’t understand why Diesel Washington continues to comment on the porn scene when he hasn’t actually been in porn regularly for what must be over a decade. Most guys leave that world completely once they’re done, but Washington seems to cling to the past and feel the need to insert himself into a world he is no longer a part of.

  5. I find it funny that Paul Cannon says he doesn’t sleep with black guys but in that clip he certainly acts like one.

  6. Why in the hell are we giving this Vin Roxx douche so much attention? Quite frankly, I don’t find him that interesting. We’ve pretty much got his number and have determined who he is. He’s an attention seeking histrionic that is only thriving by us putting him in the limelight. A. He’s not that good looking and B. The shit he’s said about gay men and the undermining of our worth is deplorable. If ever you could boycott a person from the industry (and be successful), I say, do it now.

    Hatler is an idiot. Who posts their own mugshot online? Is this some sort of sick masochistic badge of honor? I’m beginning to think that most porn stars are drug addicted, opportunistic, sociopathic narcissists. It’s turning me off. The only two porn stars that I am liking at the moment are Caio Veyron and Craig Marks. Hopefully no one has dirt on them. I’d be crushed. 😛

  7. Daddy Diesel is right, but at the same time, this is capitalism. It’s also about selling fantasy. I respect him for being in porn and out as gay when it wasn’t popular to do, but I don’t fault people for the pandering that happens today, as long as they perform.

    As for Vin, I like the guy, but it was like each tweet gave progressively a little too much, lol. (First post was funny, and letting people question if he had a daughter who actually did pick it out or not is part of the joke… but then bragging that she knew he was a porn star, is not bad, a little more than I want to know about his kids, but that is truly sex positive parenting… then he bled over the ouija board and I think that stuff is/can be fun, but the self cutting for it isn’t)

    1. I do judge the pandering behavior when it involves sudden ‘conversion’ experiences. It plays into homophobic tropes. We should be calling that out. Throwing years of activism down the toilet to trend hop and make money is gross.

      BTW, a lot of these guys truly are just weird Queer theorist cult members who will seek to adhere to whatever is considered ideologically ‘cutting edge’ within the community. The Trans and Pan communities are seeking to normalize the idea that gays and lesbians can and should change their sexual orientations. It’s gross.

      1. No they are simply bi guys that want their cake and eat it too. They want to be marginalized victims but at the same time bask in the privileges their “hetero side” can give them.

        They scream about biphobia (which is basically homophobia) and bi erasure, but ironically are the ones that contribute the most to it.

        1. Perhaps but I have come across certain performers who talk about trying to learn to have sex with women. There was one performer, I can’t remember his name, who talked about having sex with a woman before but not liking it, but said he was going to try it again because he believes his previous negative experience with straight sex was rooted in ‘trauma’. He’s literally pathologizing his homosexuality and trying to condition himself to like sex with women. It was disturbing as hell.

          He was self-imposing conversion therapy and people applauded him for it. That’s what the Queer Theorists are pushing. Repackaged conversion therapy.

          1. No doubt. The problem with the queer identity people is that they further complicate things. You have these g4p/bi/fluid guys that have to be dealt with and here comes the theorists and gender folks and ftm to flip the game table. There are more of them than there are of us, and they are very loud, very well funded, and able to get all the mainstream media attention.

            1. 100% agree. There seems to be a covert movement happening. Actually, it’s not so covert anymore. It’s right in our faces and it’s as clear as day. I know being gay has come with its fair share of struggles over the years, but we were making progress until the lunatic bus came and unloaded its legion of woke rabble rousers. They can’t let us be.

  8. What is the obsession with crazy Vin & Hatler??!! Enough with both of them… please highlight more deserving performers!

    Hunky Monkeys – hot… more please 🙂
    Seth – cute pic

    1. I can’t stop looking at that mugshot of Hatler. Geez. If they ever do a remake of the movie, “Deliverance”, he’s a surefire double for the dude playing the banjo.

  9. Please stop giving Vin Roxx a platform here ! I really feel for anyone who has to film with him. Messing with the Occult is a very dangerous thing that cannot be contained ! A sure way to mess someones mind up .. he’s physically attractive but i would never watch anything that he’s in . No good can come from this..

  10. Paul Cannon is a racist not sure why he is being given attention. His comments about African American models offensive. Diesel Washington is a strange man he is mid 40s says he quit gay porn yet still complains about it. Why? I agree witg Diesel that models definitely market their sexuality to increase popularity. There are some models who say they are fluid but off camera are straight. But there are other models who say they are gay yet have sex with women or FTM off camera. You just don’t know? Even Dakota Payne who is effeminate he is fucking women in a biphoria video.

  11. There is no good look that backs a messy character. This Vin Rox is a train wreck and a huge turn off . Handsome but despisable: The stuff true whores are made of.

  12. There’s a lot to be turned off by in Vin’s posts. Getting his pride gear from Spencer’s is towards the top of that list.

  13. Clark Reid is a handsome muscular hottie who says he prefers bottoming. Muscle bottoms rock!!! He’s a great addition to the SC bench.

  14. I like Vin Roxx. My only exposure to him has been on the blogs so I don’t understand why he’s constantly bashed and labeled problematic. He seems chill and open minded. I don’t do social media so I could be missing something but for the few posts that mention him all I see is a sexy man getting his hustle on like every other adult performer. Like us all, really. I also believe in the supernatural, less so blood rituals. Still, who am I to judge. Besides, Patrick Wilson can’t be the only hot ghostbuster out there. Vin Roxx could exorcise this body all night long!

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