15 thoughts on “What do you think happened to Phillipe Massa’s skin?

  1. Looks like burn scars to me. Very bad ones! Wonder why they couldn’t airbrush.

  2. I’m glad they had him w/o airbrushing the scars. He still has a killer body & cute face.

  3. The one on his stomach looks like a burn scar, but the ones under his arms look more surgical; maybe skin Cancer removal or a graft, or they might just be stretch marks.

  4. They’re all severe stretch marks from bodybuilding. His skin is either just prone to doing it or he gained mass very very quickly.

      1. As you can see I corrected my mistake 2 min. after I made it and you commented on it more than 1 1/2 hours later.

  5. It’s literally just stretch marks y’all lol. Anyways, he’s peaked. He looks best at Maskurbate. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t capitalize on his peak. I hate it when this happens. These porn stars wait until they past their peak to shoot more porn.

  6. Good God, some of y’all are idiots! Stretch marks are very discernable and you can see them in his chest/shoukder area, but those marks in his abdomen are not feicken stretch marks! I’m not sure what they are(burns of some sort?) but you NEVER see anuth8ngike those on any other bodybuilders.

  7. If you knew anything about bodybuilding (which the geniuses don’t) you’d know that these are the same kind of stretch marks that are usually found in the shoulder areas.

  8. I’m a trauma nurse. Don’t have a good enough view of the one on his abs, but the one under his armpit looks excised (skin was deliberately removed, possibly in response to a non-approximated wound)

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