Guys from William Higgins over at Czech Hunter (tip @ nekszus)

Not a complete list. Just guys from their Wank Party scene between #112 to #148 at William Higgins and their scene numbers at Czech Hunter.

Wank Party #114: Fida Daneska (479), Misko Sinak (446), Michal Renok (575) & Alexander Jander (467, 475 & 509)

Wank Party #120: Ivan Juran (503), Ben Stolar (474 & 482), Hugo Antonin (144) & Andrej Opeka (501).

Wank Party #122: Robin Tesarek (528), Milos Dena (529), Petr Sunek (361 & 362) & Jeremy Robbins (481).

Wank Party #123: Ivanek Ukura (401), Josef Usnik (526), Radek Ulba (602) & Luky Kolac (535).

Wank Party #127: Tomas Petruj (556), Radek Ulba (518 & 602), Max Filipi (547) & Milek Jastra (546).

Wank Party #131: Hugo Antonin (144), Patrik Nalup (471) & Tonda Zbranek (568).

Wank Party #139: Radek Pozer (623), Sasa Jelinek (638), Stefan Mateo (559) & Erik Vejvoda (644).

9 thoughts on “Guys from William Higgins over at Czech Hunter (tip @ nekszus)

  1. Thanks for the addition. I didn’t continue the search, WH uses different numbering for WankParty before #75. (e.g. 2014/01, 02 etc.) It was impossible to find five CH characters in the same scene, but there are four more: WH Wank Party # 111, 104.

  2. It would be quicker to just say : Most models at William Higgins or Staxus and Bel Ami have made an appearance at CzechHunter. Or soon will after their current “job” is over.
    I actually like the site. Martin Polnak had a really good scene there. He was very open to anything. Great top or bottom.

  3. I started paying guys for sexual stuff thanks to Czech Hunter. And it is now an addiction. For better ornfor worse.

    1. Sure is fun to watch these guys on Czech Hunter,I like the site a lot too. But gotta say when Denis was around, the site was a lot more realistic with many models first appeared here before their regular porn scene. Denis’ flirting and talking highlights the boys’ greed for money or hornyness for sex does make the scenes so much fun to watch.

    2. Share with us what’s the fun in it please!😋 What about it makes it particularly fun?

  4. Thanks for the great job of referencing these Czech porn stars and where they’ve appeared!

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