Dallas White & Niles Curran (tip @ nekszus)

The latest guest scene at Belami Online is the pair-up of Dallas White & Niles Curan “While this is technically a guest scene, both of these guys have recently joined the BelAmi team as well, so we are happy to welcome Dallas and Niles in our latest offering from guest director Robert Boggs.

Dallas White was first known as Viktor Butt, Goran Novicz, Goron Noic, Adam Barnes & Jiri.

While, Niles Curran was first known as Jonah Knight, Thomas Taylor & Erik (or Eric) Climber.

2 thoughts on “Dallas White & Niles Curran (tip @ nekszus)

  1. Thank you, Denz for this update. This has got to be a record for alias changes. In May, 2022, William Higgins was the first to publish anything starring Viktor Butt. In his Erotic Solo he said he’s from Croatia and spoke in perfect English. He seemed very shy and unsure of himself especially when asked to define his sexuality, which he claimed was hetero. Then he took off his clothes and his cock was huge, but then he is 6 foot 6 inches in height. Almost immediately thereafter he appeared is a wide variety of aliases on other sites as you note: In almost every scene he is the bottom and eats his partner’s cum. One would think he lied about his sexuality in his Erotic Solo, no? As for Jonah/Erick/Thomas he also made his on-screen debut in May of this year at BoyFun.

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