8 thoughts on “Brock of Sean Cody as the bottom

  1. Sean Cody is so lame now. Why is this a big deal? I don’t find that bottom attractive at all. I won’t watch this despite finding the top pretty cute.

    1. At least they’re not shoving bi scenes nor pussy fucking on their site, so that’s something.

      I know, I know: that’s a low bar, but still something.

      1. True, and at least they still have a few hot men there. Their directing and filming sucks now, though. It’s disappointing that they only do one cum-shot instead of two.

  2. What did Brock do to his hair – shoe polish? Kinda sad & distracting.
    Devy is a solid performer who delivers each time

  3. It’s about time, but WHY has he painted on his facial hair! He likes look one of those women who tattoos her eyebrows :-/ And you just know this is going to be a letdown…at most, we’re looking at a token gesture flip-flop, but at worst, it’s a lousy Brandon job.

  4. Sean Cody brand has gone downhill it used to be about attractive white men under age of 30 or close to it. Now they got a bunch of unattractive new guys that are old,got too many tattoos and aged out.

  5. Dang, miss Joey and Shaw.

    Joey’s now using his real name and just opened his OF, but with high membership fee + PPV, don’t see it going too well.

  6. Again, most of the models on this site are either gay/bi these days, sooooooo…….who’s exactly at fault here? The gays don’t know how to fuck, but y’all don’t want to admit because truth hurts.

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