8 thoughts on “Derek Allen, Papi Kocic & Isaac Hauncho

  1. Dean Young is so sexy and beautiful. I love watching him play the cock hungry bottom roles.

  2. Papi is a beautiful man, but WHY did he have to tattoo himself like that? The thigh looks ridiculous, then it looks like he’s wearing a shrug and it REALLY detracts from his looks. And also…the fantasy is medieval, right? You can’t take their scenarios seriously at the best of time, but something like bad tattoos certainly take you out of the moment!

  3. Isaac Hauncho is my masculine ideal. The muscles, the hair cascading over his chest and shoulders, the aggression as a top… 100% husband material imo.

  4. Kind of love Taylor Reign, also Jack Bailey. Great performers. Jack Bailey may be the best ass eater to come down the pike in a long time.

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