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  1. Alex W

    This has got to be the lamest roundup of tweets so far. No offense to the blogger. More of a dig at the people tweeting them in the first place.

    If Vin Roxx is so straight, why doesn’t he just go on over to the straight side of the industry?! Is he some sort of bored sadist or something? He does nothing but run the gay community down, but he manages to infest us with his presence, time after time. Speaking of infestation (nice segue) into Hatler. Ugh. Well that’s great, bud. I’m glad someone thinks you’re hot, because reasonable, sighted me thinks not.

    Ricky Larkin is getting too old to be acting like a junior high school student. People still want this guy? Smh.

  2. Eric

    I have no sympathy for anybody dumb enough to show interest in Ricky Larkin, but Ricky – be a man and show us the whole conversation.

    • a b

      He didn’t show the whole conversation, but he explained in a reply. Basically he got hit on by this guy and Ricky responded by calling him a “booger”. He justified that it was because he get’s thousands of messages like that, so I guess being polite is too much of an effort.

  3. Little Miss Kiss

    Racist, disgusting Ricky Larkin is one of the all-time ugliest men in gay porn. His nasty face looks so old and worn now. He needs his bug eyes examined if he still thinks he’s gay porn worthy (he never was). He looks like a piece of shit stuck on the side of a urine stained toilet in a McDonald’s bathroom.

    • The Porn Emperor

      So namecalling, then. Which is just what he did. You’re so superior.

      • Little Miss Kiss

        It deserves the names. That “person” called out an entire race of men in the industry. He has also tweeted awful things about trans folks. That guy didn’t deserve his photo posted on that piece of shit’s Twitter. I don’t believe in taking the high road when dealing with garbage people like Ricky Larkin.

  4. IDK

    Is Ricky Larkin stI’ll a thing?! I though he had retired!

    But then again: shitty people seem to be the ones who stick the most to this industry, so no surprise here.

    It’s not like the studios even give a shit anyway…

    • Little Miss Kiss

      Racist, Trump-supporting Ricky Larkin still thinks he’s a thing. He’s one of the worst, ugliest performers of all-time.

  5. Pavel Ford

    That’s right Xtian Mingle… Just what u needed. One more piece of stupid looking ink.
    Rocky Vallarta – Sounds about as coherent and smart as Herschel Walker – Total idiot.
    Hatler – Hahahahahahaha… NOT !
    Dolph Dietrich – Great, this asshole will be the voice of gay people for most of America to judge us by.
    Alexy Tyler – I am so sorry it “BURSTED” …maybe go back to school, graduate the 6th grade.
    Valentin Amour – Women’s panties and nail polish ? Sorry, that look is NOT working girl.

    • reality check

      English is not Alexy’s first language. What’s your excuse for sloppy use of capital letters and improper punctuation?

      • Pavel Ford

        BIG Difference… Mine is on purpose.
        But, hey – keep being a suck up to all these porn “stars” and u just may get your wish, one might call you up and ask you out and fall in love with you.
        It does not matter what name you use, you have so many. Same old shit.

  6. Res1

    The guy does look like a booger but Ricky didn’t have to share his pic.

    What or who gave Ricky Larkin this superior complex? The guy thinks he is the sugar honey iced tea when he ain’t even Great Value’s version of it. His face looks like an 80-year-old man’s and a pug’s mixed. The last time he was much of anything was over a decade ago and now he is the quintessential waspish old man. He claims to be “straight” but is invariably bitchy like he needs some dick.

    • Little Miss Kiss

      Snow queen Larkin is in heat for White men’s dick and feet. He tweeted a few years ago that there aren’t any hot Black men in the industry. Black men have enough difficulty getting work in this industry. He’s a garbage person.

  7. Alex

    These people sound deranged af, hell, I would even go as far as to say they’re pretty high on the sex addict scale. No wonder they have drugs in place of the blood in their veins

  8. Reg

    Hatler…who exactly is telling you that? And please, shave off that ridiculous patch.

    Ah Vin, you straggot.

    Dolf, Dolf, Dolf…it is an expose after Jack Mackenroth publicly branded you a paedophile, beat the shit out of you and then you got back together? It’s a piece on mentally ill drug addicts in porn, right?

  9. The Porn Emperor

    I think that picture of Tyler Roberts is just a tease. He hasn’t bottomed on camera since his earliest days at Treasure Island. That guy is just humping him.

  10. Cherrystick

    The amount of strange in these men of porn are hitting record level highs.

    Some of these guys like Alexy Tyler, Brock Banks, Cliff Jensen and Dolf Dietrich have just been off my personal radar for a while now due to various reasons. Three of them have been erased for me because of their I will sleep with females but I’m still gay tones of recent times. That’s a whole different mess.

    Now let’s get to the major flaws:

    I just peeped something between the jackass duo known as Ricky & Rocky.

    Ricky must have this bully complex where he thinks that hurling insults and making fun of someone makes him look cuter or appealing. Starting with his black models are ugly to now this whole let’s alienate individuals thing. NEWSFLASH, it makes you look like a jackass with slight douchebag seasonings. Ricky isn’t gracing covers of GQ magazine his damn self so to call that guy out and then have the audacity to post his face and messages is some weak shit. I’m sure there’s been a number of models who found out that he was their scene partner and said to themselves, “Do I have to?” Now here’s where the correlation between him and Rocky plays out.

    I find it quite hilarious and hypocritical that Rocky posts this tweet. He states “ I did not become a porn actor to be held to a high standard of any kind of behaviour but I can safely judge a bunch of you for your lack of morals, civility, empathy, culture and understanding of the complexities of living in society.”. Fast forward just shy of 24 hours later and one of the replies under Ricky’s post is Rocky posting a GIF of someone cracking up to the insults and then Ricky calls the guy “beetlejuice’s gay brother” with Rocky replying “hahaha”.

    Hmmm! Where’s the morals, empathy and understanding there???! One word and one word only comes to mind… JACKASSES.

    At this point anything that Vin Roxx will say is simply for ego stroking and clout. Hence why he gives you a countdown to attack at the end. He wants people to retweet and comment because it can keep his name out there. It’s quite genius to be honest. It keeps attention on him because his porn skills damn sure isn’t a headliner.

    Even though Sean Zevran is a bit odd nowadays, his post does make sense for the fact that the pandemic and this monkey pox outbreak is still rampant. These guys are just flocking and fucking without any guard. Big ass orgies, bareback sex and fluid fetishes of all sorts. Hell in just the few tweets above, two or three people are battling one or the other. I’m all about wanting some dick too but damn my health isn’t less important by no means. Everyone stay safe and be smart.

  11. Cal Q. Later

    Would be nice to finally see Ty Roberts get pounded, but I’m skeptical.

  12. Fathom

    Generally, I try not to comment on pornstars’ looks or things they can’t help. I am going to make an exception! Here is a list off the top of my head of guys I find uncommonly handsome (and I think the court of public opinion would too): Sean Maygers, Ty Roderick, Chris Damned (from the head up and discounting the face tattoos), Ian Holms, Christian Styles, the former Lance Hart. Yeah, I have a type; “tall dark and handsome” is a cliche for a reason. (Noting Christian Styles is not tall, but still…jeez, how fucking cute). Dark hair, dark eyes…dimples are a huge plus. Just to throw in a blond: I was never particularly a Christian Wilde fan, but I thought he had a very handsome face; beautiful eyes.

    Ricky Larkin cannot touch that list with a 10-foot pole. I wonder if it’s some kind of insecurity about his own…to be charitable, let’s just say unusual…looks that makes him bully these guys about their appearance.

  13. tig68

    For someone to praise that they are becoming awant fisting bttm and being proud of it is just stupid anyone that would want their ass to be stretched by a fist is just plain stupid. Fisting just makes you stretched out and needing bigger dicks to be able to touch the anus so the top can get off now that is one thing someone should not be proud of.

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