Langly (or Langley) Gold as the bottom

I first saw Langley at Military Classified 8 months ago.

Langly (or Langley) Gold has always been the top in his scenes at Military Classified, Sketchy Sex, The Guy Site & his homemade videos as Luke Gold at Peep Show.

The first to release a scene of him as the bottom is The Guys Site in a flip fuck with Davin Strong.

12 thoughts on “Langly (or Langley) Gold as the bottom

  1. Langley is a favorite of mine and I love his look on MC. He can lose the the top highlight though. It’s not attractive.

  2. Langley is sex on two legs, but he should get rid of the blond hair and go with a natural look. As a bottom guy, I wish he had remained a top only guy, but being versatile gets a porn model more opportunities to make money. I’ll avoid looking at his bottoming scenes, so I can continue to fantasize about the Langley stud topping me.

      1. There’s the argument that vers means you’re confused, undecided, going through a phase, or promiscuous.

  3. Those two Military Classified pictures of the Langley man make my booty sweat.

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