Freddy Miller, Reese Rideout, Henrik Sommer, Thyle Knoxx, Ricky Larkin, Vin Roxx, Ashton Silvers, Pax Perry, Aiden Ward, Jack Hunter, Jimmy Fit, Roman Todd, Big C & Quin Quire

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  1. Why is it that when a porn actor decides to retire there always has to be someone that has to investigate to see if it is true. If Lance Charger has decided to retire then let him be. This is why people that become well known can not be left alone and have a life. If they decide to stay out of the business or they decide to reenter the business is their decision and should not be put out for everyone to know what their business. LET THEM BE.

    1. Yep ! I was going to say the same thing.
      Like all the trump loving assholes, its “Do as I say” not as I do. Its funny, that they cried “my body my choice” and spurned science UNTIL they get sick – then it’s — Science Do Your Thing !
      Hypocrites all.
      Also…. Nice to see Thyle again. Now That is a porn “star”

      1. And as for u u stupid POS where did Quin say “do as I say” u fkn POS. He wrote “ i would recommend…”. How the fk did u imagine those meant the same thing u fkn moron?

    2. No, he said he would recommend, not he wants dumazz. We rational ppl realize REAL science and false science. Real science is telling us gay men overwhelmingly spread monkeypox especially engaging in gay man sex is major spreader. Geez fkn morons who read sht that is not there.

  2. Quin Quire has monkeypox. He was making jokes and laughing about people having Covid-19 and tweeting that it is good to “kill off the weak”. He destroyed his own image on his SM. No decent studio wants to work with him now. He’s a garbage person.

  3. I might get shit for this but I don’t care. Why is that when viral diseases, typically transmitted through sex, emerge in the gay community no one proceeds with caution and are still having sex Willy nilly? Then when they make us the face of these diseases we want to cry homophobic and discrimination. Why is it so hard to abstain from sex if you know a viral diseases are going around? There could be a disease that kills you upon contact based on your immune system and gay men will still risk it and become super spreaders. The shit is sad. People can say whatever they want about you, their opinion, but it’s another thing to have credence. Time and time again gay men give them the evidence they need to say they are this and that and stigmatize gay men. That is what I HATE about being gay. Learn to sit on your hands and stop being so carnal.

    1. Before I say this, let me reiterate that monkeypox isn’t an STD and can be transmitted and passed along i non-sexual situations. It’s just going around the community because the outbreak originated there and sex is close contact. There is also an overrepresentation due to bias testing as well as focus on the community for this particular virus.

      But you and I and others think alike. The community has an unhealthy relationship with sex, despite them saying otherwise. And honest conversations can’t happen because one will immediately get shutdown as jealous, prude, incel, unattractive, and homophobic/heteronormative. It’s quite sad but for most gay men sex seems to be the central aspect of being “gay” and being “gay” seems to be majority of gay men. At least the ones on social media

      1. I meant being “gay” is majority made of most gay people’s personalities and who they are as a person. So that’s the sex, drugs, orgies, showing off on social media for likes which is presented entirely on bodies, sex, and wealth status. Mostly superficial. And guaranteed to doom most.

        1. Yep, and it is beyond sad that grown men act this way and have such carnal desires that they will forego their health. You’re right, anyone who says anything is raked over the coals. And that is with any STD or virus in the LGBT community. Someone has to say something. Enough is enough.

    2. I can only speak for myself but I got the vaccine as soon as I heard about it. I also stopped going to the bathhouses. The bathhouses are where monkeypox is spreading. It is going to be tough but I appreciate gay porn so much now. I can still jerk off but I won’t be having sex.

    3. I think you got a point Res 1. The bathhouses are where monkeypox is spreading. There are men with monkeypox probably still going to bathhouses they don’t care. According to the articles I have read monkeypox isn’t just a fever. The lesions and boils are extremely painful. I read one guy said he was so sick he had to go to hospital because he was in so much pain. There are gay men warning people to take this seriously. If you can get the vaccine please do so.

  4. I really hope Quinn Quire has mild monkeypox symptoms. I read some articles on line this shit is scary!! Swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills, bumps all over body even dick and rectum. I urge all gay men if you can get the monkeypox vaccine. I got got my vaccine.

  5. Vin Roxx and Rhyheim Shabazz should flip fuck. Vin does have some learning to do and I think Rhyheim has the skill set and temperament to teach him. And they would both look hot riding each other’s cocks. The second tweet is why I like Vin though, because we’re all just trying to make it through the day. Imo there are 2 types of true porn stars, those who are genuinely good at their jobs and those who are good at acting like they’re enjoying their job. Vin has the potential to be one of the greats but he’s new, so it will take some time and effort. But he seems eager so I hope he channels that into becoming a strong performer.

    1. vinn could b a super star. sex on a stick. but his twitter can b a turn off. needs to learn some humility and humbleness.

  6. A daddy-centric post, whaddyaknow…

    Freddy Miller, Lance Charger, Vin Roxx, Big C, even Reese can now be considered daddy, no?

    I’m now curious about that scene where Freddy got loaded by 10 men. Was wondering about the “RETIRED” label on Lance’s account, but I hope he at least keeps his OF going. Good for Big C getting the vaccine, everyone who is eligible should.

    On Ricky Larkin complaining about people posting for likes… on a social media platform. Was he born yesterday?

    I don’t know who Henrik Sommer is but getting hacked is a scary experience.

  7. I’m going to miss Lance Charger but better to retire before you get burned out.

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