6 thoughts on “From George Duroy on Kris Evans “Please don’t ask if this means he is coming back to film again, as the answer to that is sadly no.”

  1. Tommy Hansen outshone him on all fronts: Still Photos, Solos, Responsiveness To Scene Partners, Variety Of Facial Expressions, Delivering Dialogue, Looks, Body, Equipment, Topping, Bottoming, Duos, Three-ways, even his Bodybuilding Physique Post Bel Ami.

  2. Kris has dropped off of social media. Wonder what happened to the last gay porn STAR?

    1. I think that the norm : porn stars abandoning their social media after porn.

      I wonder whether he still does bodybuilding.

  3. Kris Evans was never as popular of a pornstar as he seems to be now. It’s funny to witness because I was a huge fan of his back in the day and people preferred twinks like Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrier when it came to Belami. Anyway, the guy did like 10 or so years in porn. We have so many scenes to watch from ages 21 to 34. Allow him to move on to something else.

    1. Yeah, agreed! It’s sad when something wonderful ends, but that’s life! I wish him health and success!

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