25 thoughts on “If you miss Chris Rockway

  1. wish he would join up with reese again. im sure he could be in some better porn than this.

          1. Randy Blue 2720 – The Coach 3; Post Games Fucking (Chris Rockway, Justin Owen & Max Michaels) [April 4, 2014]

    1. Bercuase they were dirty as hell and they tried to do a quick wipe, instead of washing them everyday. Ewww

    1. I think he is just probably dipping a toe to gage interest.
      (Pardon the Pun, or not, I’m not being apologetic with how terrible this joke is)

  2. Think he accidentally stepped on some cheese Doritos and forgot to dust off his feet before the shoot…

  3. “Daddy Chris” is looking hot, but to be honest, I’d probably be more interested in his art than him returning to porn, in the long run… but Alex Eden on the other hand…

  4. Mature/Daddy Chris still has it. Kinda giving a Ben Affleck vibe on those purple shirt pics.

    Who knows, with Reese already back, we may yet get a part 3 of RandyBlue’s The Coach.

  5. Guess his art career didn’t take off like he wanted. He went to Australia for some time and came back. He’s got great artistic talent but this ain’t it with those dirty ass feet. Couldn’t they have gotten a ped-egg and shaved some of that crust, damn!?!

  6. Love Chris. And I love a little foot play. But this is unsexy. Did he walk through curry?

  7. When he was making porn before, I was mostly into him; he’s a physical type I can really get into in. He was a decent performer, but I always thought he put on too much, i.e., the over-the-top enthusiasm often seemed phony.

    As handsome as he was before, to me he’s even more so now. I’d watch him again. Don’t want to see Reese Rideout involved, though.

  8. Chris looks great, he is definitely testing the waters for a comeback, I love Chris Rockway he is one of the first PORN STARS I ever masturbated to, his body was/is a work of art.

  9. Chris is my first Randy blue crush. I want to see him flipfuck with Reese please. I also want Cayden Ross to come back

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