1. Little Miss Kiss

    I wonder if Johnny Rapid is still into threesomes with underaged girls. I’m so glad that this overrated, overexposed “straight” piece of shit has his own site. He destroyed so many scenes when his nasty ass did a lot of studio work.

  2. Khris Noble

    That’s a bit rude mate. He seems a fine fella to me

  3. Cherrystick

    You know they go to desperate measures when they’re played out, not spoken of and raggedy as hell. This JR site will be defunct in just a short period of time.

  4. Alex W

    My only bit of advice to JR would be to stay on the straight side of the industry. He’s never done a damned thing for me.

  5. tig68

    Yeah he really needs to stay on the hetero side of film making. This pedophile is disgusting and does nothing for me or for the gay porn industry.

    • Cherrystick

      Truth and facts.

  6. R47

    Why the fuck is this scene covered here. It’s supposedly a gay porn site, jeez.

    • Neil

      Because johnnyrapid.com is a gay porn site featuring tons of gay porn scenes and it’s newsworthy that Johnny decided to post a straight scene.

    • andrew

      Look at the headline of this site. It says: mostly from gay porn, sometimes str8, bi and trans porn.

  7. Scudder

    MoP has the rudest, least tolerant, bitchiest commenters outside of a Trump rally. What a bunch of Karens! Was there way too many scenes of his on Men.com? Sure, but if he wasn’t popular there the site wouldn’t have kept shooting him. And now he’s trying to still make a living in the business that he knows best. Is he less likely Bi and more likely Gay for Pay? Yeah, so what if his content turns you on and why does it really matter to you? If the performers’ real sexuality or what they get up to in the real world really impacts your ability to get off on their content, then better than 90% of gay porn past and present must be off limits to your easily offended eyes.

    • Fathom

      “MoP has the rudest, least tolerant, bitchiest commenters outside of a Trump rally.” (Scudder not being aware of str8upgayporn, evidently.)

      Johnny Rapid’s appeal has always mystified me. I mean, I get it; it takes all kinds. But: nothing-extra body, small dick…I guess I’d allow he has sort of generic cute white boy looks. He seems like a not-very-bright Southern guy who fell into a way of making some easy money (if you don’t mind having your insides rearranged on the reg) and getting lots of attention and acclaim.

      Maybe there’s the curiosity factor, in that he’s like a hollowed-out gourd who can accommodate any size or amount of dicks. But what’s the point when he looks like he’d rather be digging a ditch? Twink types are not at the top of my list, but I can definitely get into watching guys like Dakota Lovell or Jack Bailey who are clearly into gay sex.

      But whoever Johnny Rapid is fucking, whatever the gender, I am not interested.

      • Reg

        His claims to fame have always been the “jail-bait/boy-next-door” vibe, but ESPECIALLY the fact that he can take…was it three or four simultaneous cocks and has LITERALLY been fucked over 200 times on camera. That was a record he set years ago, so I’m sure it’s more by now and maybe even by 200 different guys. I still swear that he holds a world record.

  8. Andy

    Johnny Rapid isn’t gay in real life he lives in Atlanta Georgia I think he has kids. But even Johnny admitted he isn’t straight either though. Come on the guy been fucked up the ass by 200 men probably more! He’s had more gay sex than most gay men. He has his own site must be doing something right because been around for 3 years. Why pick a woman with awful tattoos? The tattoos look hideous on the woman. He probably is trying to reach a straight female audience. I notice he is even fucking Asian men on his site. So this is about marketing porn is a business. It does get boring when a porn model does same shit all the time. Like Diego Sans or Rhyheim Shabazz, or Cade Maddox they top all the time never bottom. Some people like that they know what to except from a porn star. But I appreciate the porn stars who try something different.

  9. Reg

    Well, he is straight, so this is no surprise. Whether he’s topping men or women though, I can’t take him seriously. He’s gay porn’s most prolific bottom…that’s it. I imagine the only reason he has kids and has stayed married, is because he beats his wife brutally and has a nasty criminal record for doing it.

    • Fathom

      Porn doesn’t pay anything anymore and hasn’t for a long time, affirmed by everybody from Diesel Washington to John Magnum, who tweeted a few years ago, “If you like sucking dick for free, by all means, get into gay porn.”

      I guess it must pay better than working at Jiffy Lube, though, because that is what Johnny Rapid would be doing if he weren’t making some coin from doing porn. Which, if he does have kids, good for him because he’s going to need money to pay for their therapy once they find out what dad was up to.

      If his main appeal was being the white trash boy next door who got fucked nine ways to Sunday by everybody and his brother, it’s a mystery to me why those fans would pay to see him fuck someone. And an unattractive woman at that.

  10. Dan

    How long ago was this filmed? In his supposedly recent gay films, he has short hair that still has some blonde from his dye job earlier this year. His hair here is long, no blonde coloring. I’ll never watch him with any woman. Couldn’t he at least have hired a more photogenic woman? She’s got a rough-looking face, to say the least. Can’t imagine that many straight / bi men wanting to jerk off to a woman who looks like that. Seriously, is that the facial expression of a woman who’s enjoying sexual intercourse? It’s almost as if she’s sneering at the camera.

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