15 thoughts on “Kissed the owner of Beefcake Hunter

  1. I know lot of the ‘Ewww Sistahood’ don’t like the owner, but he does his job and actually makes some good videos.

    1. The only issue I have with him is that thong and he’s too dick hungry when he get a dick in his mouth, like its the first time. Its sort of creepy.

  2. I don’t know why he makes such a big deal about a kiss. I know his guys are supposed to sell this image of the straight guy semi-disgusted by letting another guy touch them but come on now, kissing is almost like the bare minimum when it comes to sex. It’s not a medal of honor, for crying out loud.

    1. For some guys, kissing is more intimate than fucking – it has connotations of emotional attraction. Youn can innumerable videos where straight guys won’t kiss.

      1. IMO kissing is more intimate than fucking. It’s face to face intimacy. It’s love making. Fucking is getting or giving a piece of ass that takes place down below the waist and is not nearly as personal as two guys locking lips in an intimate kiss.

  3. Omg this guy is trash….BUT trash I want. He has done a bunch of str8 work mostly for Teamskeet, but what I find hot about him is he admits the he shares with some of his str8 scene partners hes done gay at BCH, and admits some arent ok with that but many are and find him hot for doing so. So I was very surprised he came back to BCH and is somewhat cocky and hot looking into camera teasing, and he actually kisses the guy with the crusty panties which would be hard to do. He also fucks til he comes inside whatshiscrustypanties name which is so hot when a guy has an internal orgasm….not often in gay OR str8 porn.

    1. CLARIFY: Fernando , aka Berry McKockiner (str8 porn name), is who I am referencing in my post.

  4. I’m jealous of his ass. Those are some sexy ass guys that he gets to kiss and fuck. I’m always baffled as to how guys like him and so many others including that Jake Cruise guy get to pull off these studios and pull some pretty sexy guys. Damn I’m missing out. Look at the Rob guy from Military Classified. He looks like hell sometimes and yet…. he gets to rendezvous with some good dicks.

    1. They pay. Jake Cruise’s models were always beautiful men and I remember, he recruited this one guy from a call centre I think it was, or maybe this own office. It’s why most of those guys disappeared entirely, because they weren’t models and JC was the only place they ever worked. He always had a reputation of paying a fair wage though. With BCH…I personally think he hires guys who are seriously struggling financially…didn’t he pick one up by the roadside who was hitchhiking? Whatever his rates, he’s able to pay them as much as it takes to have sex with him, which I guess is better than striking out if he were to proposition these guys in the real world, cheaper than hookers and he earns a profit by selling the videos on his website. It’s his kink and you’ve got to respect him for it, but that thong is truly awful :-/

    2. In his recent interview with I Que Grande, Rob admitted that he’s now 62 years old so you have to figure that has a lot to do with his appearance. It also means his videos should be classified as GILF or Granny or Grandpa porn.

  5. Are these men that desperate for money? I feel bad that they have to kiss and fuck that fat, ugly slob. That site is awful.

  6. Most of the guys on his site are overrated and their only allure is they are “straight.” If you took most of them out of that setting and placed them in traditional gay porn no one would care. Thankfully, his videos do not appeal to me.

  7. Some of his models like Cory, Jacobo and Dallas are very handsome which I don’t see in Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher anymore. The only bad thing about his site is that the models don’t bottom or suck cock.

  8. You are all being too mean. Maybe they kiss him so that don’t have to hear that damn old queen’s thick accent squealing out sexual comments and come-hither baby remarks, they must thinking, “How do I shut this bitch up so I can cum, get my money, and GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!”. Was that too mean?

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