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This week from Vin Roxx.

Monkeypox in gay porn.


Get well!

Happy birthday!

28 thoughts on “Malik Delgaty, Diesel Washington, Vin Roxx, Rocky Vallarta, DeAngelo Jackson, Eddy Ceetee, Sharok, Colby Melvin, Johnny Rapid, Sean Holmes, Damien Cruz & Jason Vario

  1. Yikes. The world is changing….. That’s all I’m going to say, regarding that.

    I’ll try to be positive, since most of my posts tend to be a bit bitchy. Allen King is looking more adorable than I’ve ever remembered him being.

    1. I think he looks like a Mattel doll. He used to be sooo good looking but he started getting botox or something and now also every pic he posts he facetunes to cartoonish levels (he looks better in videos).

  2. Max Konner is correct on SlamRush. And even despite many complaints, blog sites still advertise their site, scenes and take their money. Know this, you are complicit in pushing the glamorization of doing meth and having sex.

  3. Rocky Vallarta is interesting he says negative things about Covid vaccine yet he got the monkeypox vaccine. Since Montreal is the Canadian epicenter of monkeypox disease I am glad he got the vaccine. Montreal has the highest monkeypox cases in Canada. But credit to Montreal health authorities they are reaching gay community. According to people who got Covid and monkeypox they say monkeypox is worse more painful. Silver Steele this man is so brave! He’s warning us! The blisters and sores look so painful! I got the vaccine but disappointing I don’t know will I get second dose? I have decided I can’t go to bathhouses or have sex for a while. This shit is scary! Guys should know just because you get vaccine doesn’t mean you can’t still get monkeypox. The best protection is two doses of vaccine. I think porn models need to really don’t put pressure on themselves to make content. They need to think of their health.

  4. Malik Delgaty get real you are no Clark Kent. The monkey pox epidemic people are not taking this serious and are still having sex or being next to people that have it.

    To be honest Jason I would not give you a second look. Just because you are muscle built doesn’t mean that everyone is wanting to be with you or the guy next to you. You and your friend are not god’s gift to people. Is it really hard for you to find hats that fit that big head and ego of yours?

    FabScout it is awesome that you are looking after your clients. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  5. Allen King – relax on the fillers
    Malik – big pass
    Vin & Diesel – why keep giving these 2 space on the site?
    Slam rush – no judgement, never been into drugs but the the guys are sometimes cute. I’m sure they like the $ and that’s why they film for the studio (just like other choose where they want to work)
    Jason – the buddy is fair, but no way with you… roid bodies and homely faces are not my thing
    Silver Steel – much respect for being upfront about what people go through & not being so vain as to hide behind a picture taken before the outbreak. Hope you heal quickly! I wish more guys in the industry would show themselves as a warning to others.

  6. It amazes me anti Vaxers spew misinformation but happy to stick a needle in their ass a couple of times a week for a muscle body

    1. Apparently you’re not watching the news cause recent reports state Biden just tested positive for Covid AGAIN!!! They are blaming the drug thgat was SUPPOSED to help him get over it – Sure Jan! LOL

        1. Brilliant response!!! Let me guess, you’re not of age (still in the pre-teen years???) and this is as Clever as it gets. Rightttttt!!!

      1. You have no idea how vaccines work do you? I work as a nurse so I’d explain but you’re already lost in far right dogma so I’m not going to bother.

        1. I deal with the law > facts and the rate of vaccines are rising but so are so are the rate of infections. With your nursing expertise, explain to me why this is happening???

  7. Jason babe, if I saw you and Cody watching me in the dressing room. Mmmm Oh babe, I’d… I’d… go to a different one or put the clothes back and leave.

    Rocky has to be one of the most selfish ass people I’ve ever seen. You rally against vaccinations for Covid-19 for years but for Monkey Pox you’re all for them and there’s one reason and one reason only… you benefit from this one. If it messes with overall lives of innocent others, it has no meaning to him but this messes with his cocks pleasure and so it’s no joking matter. Piss off dude.

    Vin gets highlighted on here for what reason??? He’s a clown. On that’s same note, Geordie is highlighted why? He said some hateful shit about our community and then talked about how gay sex literally makes him sick to his stomach. A winning loser.

    I don’t know if Diesel is going to make traction in todays porn world. We’ll see. Maybe if he sticks to the daddy/older male genre who could dominate. He’s got knowledge of the scene so.. we’ll see.

    To any of these porn boys like Robert Royal who tries to say that sexual encounters isn’t the only way to get the pox, you’re right but we know that it’s the main source of contraction. I rally behind EddyCT. Don’t be slurping and shaking at group gatherings and hooking up in waves on the weekend just to wound up sick and questioning how and why? Doesn’t take a scientist to figure things out.

    I’ll leave with this… Johnny Rapid & ED. 200+ and 1 woman later!

    1. Biden just test positive for Covid, second time in recent weeks. Apparently he received the 2nd booster. How does someone test positive for Covid… TWICE when they have received the necessary vaccines??? LOL!!!

      1. Vaccines do not prevent a person from contracting the virus. They help the body fight off the infection and almost always prevent serious illness.

        1. Exactly. Additionally the man is the president and travels on a daily basis not just in the US but abroad. That adds to his risk of exposure.

        2. That’s true. Traditional vaccines have dead viruses, which then help form antibodies to lessen the severity of a virus. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for what we’re talking about now. MRNA technology or “gene therapy” as it’s been deemed is an entirely different method in treating this mysterious illness. The inventor of MRNA technology (Dr. Malone) has even come out diminishing its efficacy, Why? We must ask the question.. My whole family’s been vaccinated and they all got some of the worst cases of Covid, post vaccination. My brother’s even developed heart issues (Afib). Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. As an open-minded man who looks at both sides of the coin, I want to be secure and sure of what I am taking. The long0term trials won’t even be concluded until 2023. There’ve been no long-term data, prior to its release.

              1. Thanks. You should expand your research on mRNA technology. Robert Malone is not the inventor of that technology. Researchers who worked with him say his role was minimal at best. The development of mRNA technology was a collaborative effort of several research institutes over decades of work by hundreds of researchers. In the meantime Malone has spent a lot of time appearing on conservative programs down playing the dangers of COVID-19 and the efficacy of the vaccines. He has also been advocating the treatment of COVID-19 infections with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which almost ever medical scientist say are ineffective and even dangerous.

                1. I respectively disagree. For me, this is nothing new. Meaning, I’m not on some conspiratorial bandwagon because of a political movement. I equally hate the left and the right. The problem has and always will be big Pharma. They want consumers for life, never eradicating the root problem. I’ve had my fair share of vaccines in my lifetime (Flu shots, Hepatitis shots) etc etc.. I am not an anti-vaxxer. I was leery of these mRNA vaccines from the beginning. Operation warp speed, executed by Trump was a complete farce. It takes years (sometimes decades) to implement vaccines with long-term data beforehand. It’s my personal opinion that there was a concerted effort in conjunction with Big Pharma to cash in on this golden opportunity. Moderna and Pfizer executives are multi-billionaires now as a result of fear porn and hysterics. It doesn’t make me hate anyone who is gung-ho on getting the shot(s). I hate the division between the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed. As I said, my whole family share your sentiment and willfully do as the government tells them. I’ve always been a bit of a non-conformist and questioned everything, almost to a fault. I trust very few people. Particularly those in high authority, such as the government, politicians and even some doctors.

        3. That might be how is it, but that’s not how the news media presented folks getting the vaccination. The impression was that the Vaccine acted as a protective shield again getting / aquiring Covid – My thinking is certainly NOT unqiue. If you looking up the term / definition, that’s like the definition you get –

          “When you get a vaccine, your immune system responds. It: Recognizes the invading germ, such as the virus or bacteria. Produces antibodies.”

          I don’t think my impression / thought on the matter is superior to ANYONE. I’m fed the news and that was my take away.

  8. Johnny Rapid: You don’t have to worry about ED if you are giving a hot top guy a piece of your fine ass as Mother Nature intended you to do. Stop with the recent topping roles and get back to giving your booty the good dick it got in your earlier years in porn. Your booty earned you a lot of money. Don’t ignore it now.

  9. I can understand why some people into Jason Vario but I find him unattractive. He clearly uses steroids and he never would with other black models. He’s a snow queen which is his choice. But he looks like a meat head.

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