Malik Delgaty, Peto Mohac & Markus Kage

Your weekly dose of women 😁

The human wife of Malik Delgaty as Thor with Loki (Felix Fox) as his bottom at Men.

The woman who pegged Peto Mohac at Str8 Hell.

The female friend of Markus Kage, who is in a relationship with Dante Colle, in a threesome at Why No Bi (scene was also released at Men)


  1. JB

    Malik’s acting is SOOOOO BAD it is actually painful to watch/hear, and that is just from the trailer!! 1 minute, 20 seconds later and I need a shot of morphine.

    • Reg

      The video is WORSE. The wig, his “acting”, the way he just thrusts with no finesse. You’d need euthanasia if you watched it.

    • IDK

      Malik’s problem is that he’s bad at both acting and gay sex.

      In some of his scenes he looks and acts way too bored, almost like a zombie without a sliver of enthusiasm.

      At least the bad acting of other performers on can be quite entertaining (at least on the older scenes) on ocasion, but his are always snooze fests.

      • Dom50

        Here’s a suggestion… how about we stop watching Malik. I clicked on this link to see Peto and Markus Kage bottom stills. It’s well known by now that this guy Malik is bad, good looks doesn’t equate a good porn performer.

        • IDK

          Your entire life is to play white knight for porn performers you claim to care nothing about.

          How do you feel by that?

          If something is shit, I will call it shit with no hesitation.

          That’s how it is.

    • dragonwarrior

      like really,Malik it justanother wannabe with no talent

  2. Bsg67

    Pretty much all G4P trash

  3. Alex W

    What’s this? They’ve turned Encino man into a gay porn parody? Smh!

  4. andrew

    It’s always hot seeing the Fox get fucked.

  5. Cal Q. Later

    Kage finally over his pubic-hair-mustache phase? He wasn’t fucked enough in this video though.

  6. andrew

    I saw Malik Delgaty recently in a scene topping Dean Young. In that scene he kissed Dean numerous times and actually looked like he was enjoying the sex. Toward the end of the scene he was on his back with his legs spread letting Dean rim him and finger his butt hole. It’s the best scene I’ve ever seen him in. He seemed taken by the beauty of Dean.

  7. warriorangel

    MEN is trying hard to make a fool of themselves by putting a lame clown as Malik delGaty on screen with that stupid wig

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