8 thoughts on “Prince Reign, Liam, Kit Thorne, Seth Lion & Narumiya Jin

  1. Narumija is really going to break into the American porn scene. I really love him in his Asian scenes, now watching him with my favorite American porn stars is super hyping.

    1. Don’t count on it. He will remain niche in the US for those who like porn stars to resemble underage children. There are countless asian men that are hotter.

  2. I don’t understand why they’re still trying to rebrand Johnny into a top. He’s a bottom. He’s THE bottom with the world record for taking the most cock of all time in gay porn. He can’t be taken seriously topping.

  3. That Johnny and Jin scene looks boring as hell. They both look uninterested and honestly unkept. Almost as if they threw this shit together in the last seconds of the day.

    Johnny needs to sit down at this point and call it a career. He doesn’t have good top energy, that hole has been passed around like a donation tray at a church and there’s nothing sparking interest in him or his porn. Not even that bi scene a few weeks ago allowed for him to be talking points. Seems to me that the light is getting dimmer and dimmer every day.

    Jin has an allure because he’s trying to break into the western world of porn but what’s personally got me from being part of his fan crew is the sheer look of pain and discomfort he has in his face when he’s fucking. For the viewer (unless you like torture flicks) it almost becomes unbearable to watch. Plus I’m sorry but his whole YT video of him saying in an interview that he’s str8 and to just get through the scene, he puts himself in a different place and he tunes himself out was a buzzkill.

    I say this a lot but if you’re so “str8” then why are you on the gay side of porn. I know, I know they don’t pay as well but the perk is that you get to sleep with tons of females and you don’t have to “go to a different place” in your mind like you claim to do having gay sex.

    1. JIN is an idol line because it looks good. JIN is refreshing, so hard SEX doesn’t suit you. However, he is professional who does not choose a job because he is very professional.

  4. I emphatically agree that Johnny should leave with some level of integrity. Know when the dream dies and your worth. Any rebranding, hair color shift, facial hair, or position shifting won’t change what’s been altered into his ubiquitous mediocrity. There are so many other things he could do with his life instead of the low level of work he’s thrusting upon an audience that isn’t asking for more scenes. Just an opinion.

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