Phoenix, Adrian Duvall & Dale Knox

Phoenix with Manny as his first and now as the bottom to Brysen at Sean Cody.

Adrian Duvall with his threesome with Mitch Matthews and Lane Colten at Guys In Sweatpants.

Dale Knox with his one and only scene filmed at Fresh Men with Clint Newman (aka Karl Stevens & Oliver Novak) as his top.


  1. Res1

    The new Sean Cody is awful. It has the look and feel of now. It just looks faker and blander than ever. What an end of an era.

    • Mark B

      The site has been this way for a while. And now it seems it’s down to one update per week. I don’t know why MindGeek thinks anyone would subscribe to it in this state.

      • alec

        Emphatically agree! The site continues to overuse tired folks from the past and their recruiting skills (or even interest) have sunk to all time lows. It’s been ‘the end of an era’ for SC for a while now.

        • AJBIII

          TOTALLY Agree! It used to be I couldn’t wait to see what new hot pairing they had on SC. I’ve been a fan for over a decade. But now, blah! They charge extra money to download, when I already had a six year subscription with full download rights. So sorry to see it go. I’m also starting to feel that way about CF as well. It’s gotten really tired. The whole industry has gone downhill since Covid. All these performers thin they can throw up an OF site and charge $10 or $20 a month and post one video and they charge extra for other vids. Yet they don’t do regular gigs with the studios that used to post regularly and had a consistent 20 minute video. I feel like they just view us all as cash machines that will just keep forking over anytime they need extra money so they can travel the world, work out, and not make a real living.

  2. Bo

    Freshmen said Dale Knox was a retiring porn star but there is no record of him appearing under that name anywhere else. Anyone know if this is true and if so what his other name(s) is?

  3. Reg

    A twink, with a bowl cut…and an attempt at a pornstache?

  4. andrew

    Brysen and Phoenix look great together. That said: Phoenix ditch that moustache.

  5. Pavel Ford

    WOW…. That is a very good picture of Adrian Duvall. Nice body, outstanding cock.
    I just hope his energy level during sex matches that look.

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