6 thoughts on “Paul Wagner with Chris White as his latest top

  1. Paul Wagner ages like a fine wine. He was hot during his SC Barry days, but now he’s on fire. He doesn’t look thirtysomething but his body hair–which he didn’t seem to enjoy in such abundance way back–makes him seem like the hot 28-year-old he was not. So grateful he’s still with us in porn. Maybe he keep fucking for years to cum.

    1. It’s true. He looked great and now he looks greater. I hope he’s back to stay, but I would love to see him back and power-bottoming again.

    2. Totally agree. Has an OF site that is growing, wish he would open one at JFF. He’s a gorgeous, versatile, openly gay man who seems to be missing only one thing, a real life partner, wish him all the luck in the world.

      1. Forgot to mention ginger Chris White is looking better, and he should be honored to have been selected for this scene. Openly gay, it appeared from his OF site a while ago that he escaped an abusive relationship, here’s wishing him the best

  2. I’ve had a crush on Wagner for years ever since seeing him at a crosswalk in NY. It occurred to me who he was only after I had walked several more blocks. Such a handsome man!

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