Randy of Sean Cody has passed away

Randy asked his friends for financial help six days ago for his recovery from an injury.

According to a friend of Randy, he passed away last night “Anyone who reads this comment I am a great friend of Jason Pacheco (Randy) for over 25 years last night Jason lost his battle with drug addiction and passed away at the age of 33 if anyone would like to contribute laying Jason to rest please message me and I can get you in touch with his mother who will be making arrangements to bury another one of her sons. Thank you”


Randy was introduced by Sean Cody in 2013 and his last scene was released in 2019.

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  1. Sorry to hear this. I lost one of my best friends to addiction. It is no joke. I wish there was a union for adult performers so they can get the help they need when in need. Or universal health care. RIP Jason. You made some hot scenes as Randy that made a lot of people happy. My personal fave was with Forrest.

    1. From posts, I gather the problem with insurance wasn’t lack of coverage. It’s that most insurance won’t pay for treatment at two places on same days, especially if both are inpatient. Once Jason was admitted to the hospital, coverage for his halfway house is paused and his spot wasn’t held open but given to another addict in recovery. Had Jason not died, he would likely have been placed in another halfway house, although he may have gone to a rehab first.

      I’m finding his death difficult. I mourn the loss of a spirited young man, and I mourn the life he could have led. RIP Jason.

  2. “Another one of her sons”?? Did his brother also die? How awful for everyone, but especially for his mother!

  3. If Jason was previously in a halfway house, it’s likely he had insurance, likely MassHealth (Medicaid) which pays for inpatient and outpatient program for addicts and those with mental health issues. Unfortunately, how much time you can spend in those programs is based on your insurance. A halfway house was most likely a place to live after in-patient care. I don’t know whether he was fully open to the help he could get, or whether it was court mandated. Addictions ruin lives, and take them over. From what his friends wrote, he was a caring person who tried to break the addictions. His death is overwhelmingly sad.

  4. Just horribly tragic. As @DeanD alluded to, it’s beyond ridiculous that people need to go on GoFundMe for assistance with healthcare in this country. We can afford to bail out wall street or fund the military with essentially no questions asked, but healthcare for our citizens is somehow beyond our capacities. Our national approach to drug dependency illness is also a disgrace. It’s an illness, it’s not criminal behavior or something to be ashamed of.

      1. What a shameless way to politicize a personal tragedy. Randy/Jason has been used and abused enough. Let him rest in peace.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Randy’s troubles and passing. He brought so many other performers and fans a lot of enjoyment. My heart goes out to his family.

  6. Very tragic. I can’t say I am all that surprised, there are some train wrecks you can see coming a mile away. The poor man was battling just too many demons. R. I.P.

  7. I remember a couple years ago hearing about Jason struggling. I think he might of struggled with his sexuality too. So sad he has passed.

  8. I’ll wait for an obituary because they said Chip Tanner was dead too just for donations and turned out that he wasn’t.

    If it is true, it’s sad.

  9. He is really dead. His father posted a picture of him today on his Facebook and there were many people sending condolences about his death. His sister also confirmed in the comments.

  10. RIP, this is sad. The guy has been in and out of this kind of tragic accident sort of stuff for a while, at least hopefully he can now rest. I hope well for his family.

  11. This one hits hard for a couple of reasons. Jason/Randy was attractive to be sure, but I didn’t closely follow his career or lust after him. I did, however, reach out to him a couple of years ago when he asked fans for help “getting back on his feet.” Anyone with a shred of street smarts would have seen that drugs were the root of his problem. I reached out to him. He denied it. He couldn’t help himself; he was already in the clutches of the demon that killed him. He was mad at me for even challenging his story, even though it was so transparently untrue. (To his credit, he was really polite.)

    I’m not sure what role gay porn played in his death. But just six days ago on this blog people were challenging my interpretation of his admission that he was suffering from organ failure. Again… have some street smarts.

    Randy/Jason posted his real name on Go Fund Me and other sites so it’s pretty easy to identify members of his family on Facebook and Instagram. I feel so badly for him and for them.

    Would things have been different had he not involved himself in gay porn? Who knows? But in his case, where we know how the story ends, it’s only fair to feel sad that he ever heard of Sean Cody.

    Rest in peace, Jason/Randy.

  12. RIP, Jason.

    This hits a little too close to home. I had someone who lost everything because of his addiction. I couldn’t reach him since the pandemic started. I pray he’s still alive.

  13. Back in 2019, I awoke to a notification one night on IG. Popped open the DMs and saw Jason had messaged me. This has to be a fake profile, right? No it was him. He was so kind and sweet. He actually started following me and I was shocked. I told him my reaction and he laughed. He told me that he wanted to connect with some of his true fans and he thanked me for supporting him. We talked about his career and life and I even once expressed to him my disdain for G4P and instead of defensiveness, he was empathetic, open and understanding. He shared his story and we then talked about multiple things. At that point I fell in love with this guy not for his sexual appeal but his humble and huge heart.

    We spoke off and on throughout the years and then he started sharing his GoFundMe page. He was truly struggling and he started looking smaller in stature. Even then he continued to have a positive outlook writing “I can’t be upset in life. Lots of people have it much worse.” I was sick once and despite him going through his sickness, he was much more worried about me. I continued to tell him that he was still handsome even without the huge muscles. He was cute and humble with his response saying “Awe really, wow. Thanks babe.” Haha

    Jason was stunningly handsome on the outside but remarkably beautiful on the inside and the world has lost a gentlemen on all levels. I hope his family and friends rally and come together to support one another and despite my sadness of losing this gentle giant, I’m just happy that Jason is no longer in pain. Rest In Peace Jason. Thank you for the three years of friendship. We love you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Jason seemed to be a lovely man inside and out. Addiction is an equal opportunity killer. Tragic.

    2. Thanks for a lovely, touching post. I was in touch with him just briefly too. My exchange with him, he seemed a little lost.

  14. Very sad news. I have been in recovery for many years, and cannot imagine what Jason was going through, with his addiction struggles and being in the industry on top of that. RIP Jason.

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