Drew Valentino, Ian Holms, Sean Ford, Dmitry Osten, Jake Waters Tony Genius, Kane Fox, Boomer Banks, Derek Shaw, Jake Hart & Joey of Sean Cody

Independence Day


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More tattoos.

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12 thoughts on “Drew Valentino, Ian Holms, Sean Ford, Dmitry Osten, Jake Waters Tony Genius, Kane Fox, Boomer Banks, Derek Shaw, Jake Hart & Joey of Sean Cody

    1. You mean because he’s empathetic and willing to help people with addiction? How horrible of him! Such a shock!

      1. No, it’s not that. It’s his hypersexuality and bizarre paraphilias. Meth fucks with peoples sexuality and can make them indiscriminate sexually. Brock Banks will fuck anything, so the meth connection makes sense.

  1. Drew Vanentino – Nice pit hair… save it, you will soon need it to glue to your head, clock’s ticking…
    Ian Holmes – Who ? Anyway, hope you found someone to “SUCH” your cock. WOW…
    Sean Ford – Career is all but over, wait, yep… It is over. Sorry. I guess he is taking the ( I’ll post anti american posts to stir people up and get attention and remember my name ) approach to trying to hang on and be somewhat relevant? Your sissy ass was forgotten long ago kid.
    Travis Irons – Who ? Oh thanks for update. I will be headed to CVS in an hour too….
    Vin Roxx – WOW, he really just does not stop does he? Dude, absolutely NOBODY is watching your stupid ghost shit.
    Kane Fox – I like your work but come on dude… You fuck, suck, jizz all over each others Every Hole, Every Opening…. the risks you “porn stars” take is up to you. YOU CHOOSE to try and make a living this way. Plenty of real jobs with real $ are out there. Go get 1. Or accept the risks of what you do… Oh, I ll be “available” in Reno Wednesday for 5 hours, call and book me. πŸ™‚
    Boomer Banks – among many other questionable titles, now holds the title of Carnaval Barker for his friends at home botox business …. Nice job! It makes all the difference, you now only look 65 instead of 85.
    Ian – Joey or Ian… no one cares, its over dude…. You barely got attention at the “height” of your career.

    1. You sound like a miserable, sad, and pathetic person. What compels you to leave snarky replies to every single tweet?

      1. Pornlover …I usually don’t bother responding to people wanting to pick a fight. I will this once.
        I can only say, I guess you choose to see only what you want. I comment a lot on this blog. I have left “friendly” and “upbeat” comments a lot lately… I give credit where it is due. What I DO NOT DO is post friendly remarks hoping the “porn star” see’s it and now wants to be my best friend, or looks me up to thank me…. I do leave snarky and what some have said to be funny comments. That is WHAT THIS BLOG IS FOR ! If everyone just said “GREAT” and “I LOVE YOU” especially to some of these crazy ass con men and grifter guys, it be a boring ass blog. Go look thru the last few months. You will see a lot of friendly comments. I am sure you have the time…

        1. Agree. Porn stars’ primary job is to deliver their subscribers some good/raunchy sex scenes. It’s not their job to be trashy/cringe in multiple social media platforms. They need to learn when to shut up because, if we’re going to be honest, their Twitter and IG followers don’t really care about the things they say. The viewers only care about their abs, their ass, their dicks, and their blowjob face. Annoy your followers, and you’ll just fade into obscurity. I think it can be bearable if these wankers can actually make some good sex scenes, but that is not the usual case. Lots of them are boring. Even their pretty faces and cut bodies could not compensate to the sheer boredom that they bring in their scenes! In a sea full of gay porn stars, if you mess up, and/or you piss your fans off, then expect to lose your shine and fans. That’s the reality of being a porn star. You became mediocre and annoying, then your value in the porn industry will go away.

  2. Ian, Joey or whatever, “DM me on here your IG usernames and I will unblock everyone! I’m sorry about that” and I’m not reading through 34 pages of “ur hot” and ego stroking, but is a gay4payer really going to step his pussy up?

  3. Ian’s still hot, let’s see where it goes. Now if only David resurfaces, too.

  4. Ian/Joey broke up with the wife after a short period of marriage. He said on that forum the wife accepted that side of him his gay porn work. It sounds like that was part of reason marriage broke down. He is suggesting he might get back into porn on only fans?

  5. I remember I found out Ian was in medical school and I was following his IG until he deleted it. I wonder if he ever completed it, don’t see why he would need to go back into porn but either way I’ll be watching.

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