6 thoughts on “Tyler Blue is now Levi at Corbin Fisher

  1. Tyler Blue/Levi moving from Boys Halfway House and Raunchy Bastards to Corbin Fisher sounds like a great decision.

    1. I agree with Benjamin…. Way to average looking and too small cock for C.F. or Falcon.

    2. Well, CF doesn’t really have standards anymore. We had Dawson, Connor, Jeff, Cade, etc and now they look like they recruit models who hang around the back of supermarkets smoking weed.

      1. Exactly! Corbin Fisher isn’t quite the sad pile that is Sean Cody but we’re definitely in the era of lowered expectations. The good thing is SO MANY are just fine with this…must be noobs!

        I cannot imagine being impressed or satisfied with his contribution to CF.

  2. Let’s hope they pair him up with Rocky, another refugee from BHH here he was known as Rocky Tate. Both are eager bottoms and voracious cum eaters.

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