Bastian Karim, Tyler Berg, Alpha Wolfe, Jeremy Barker & Brody Fox

The first scene of Taking Care Of Business, a collaboration between Falcon Studios & The Bro Network, is up next with Bastian Karim as the bottom to Tyler Berg.

Left to right: Manuel Reyes, Dean Young, Angel Rivera, Bastian Karim & Tyler Berg
Other cast includes Craig Marks, Pietro Duarte & Sean Weiss.

Alpha Wolfe is on the set of Raging Stallion for his scene with Riley Mitchel.

Jeremy Barker as the bottom to Jordan Joseph, who is Jeremy’s best friend in real life according to Gay Hoopla.

Brody Fox, who had homemade scenes at Raw Fuck Club, was introduced this week at Chaos Men [gallery]. He filmed a scene with Kyler Drayke for Active Duty.

8 thoughts on “Bastian Karim, Tyler Berg, Alpha Wolfe, Jeremy Barker & Brody Fox

  1. I love Jeremy Barker and Jordan Joseph and I look forward to this pairing. There is this trashy boy sexiness about both of them. Bring it on. YUM!

  2. Riley Mitchel, huh? Well, it’s not like Falcon has been anything special in a long time.

  3. I thought with that head line that Jeremy Barker had joined Falcon, so was most disappointed!

  4. Just watch this scene yeah it good, but I do want more intimacy like kissing after they fuck like they do in Corbin Fisher. Yeah I know they are Straight? And I do like a cum in the mouth shot. I like the men on Gay Hoopla but the Frat Boy stuff irritates me but I know others like it a lot. Jeremy Barker yes he is a bloody good performer, and the other guy Jordan Joseph is sweet. A great matching pair!

  5. Raging Stallions do better, Riley Mitchell is not a sought after model anymore stop using his tired homophobic ass. Now Bastian Karim he is a Star. Angel Rivera ruins what could have been an awesome photo.

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