Daddy is now part of Corbin Fisher’s vocabulary

Corbin Fisher has always been about amateur college men. Their latest scene “Daddy’s Little Cum Slut” is the first time they identified one of their guys as a daddy. It had Liam bareback Noah.

8 thoughts on “Daddy is now part of Corbin Fisher’s vocabulary

  1. This bitches just got out of Nickelodeon, nobody there can be classified as “daddy”. I would expect this kind of dehumanizing, deranged titles from ms.Lucas, but CF? Gorl, y’all about to turn into dust, stop it.

  2. Corbin Fisher…hot college guys was their USP, but what the hell is it now? You went from genuinely hot young jocks, to trashy college dropouts and guys who looked they were picked up behind Walmart, to now “daddy” fetishes? Who is running this site now!

  3. Well, look at the bright side: Noah is gay, he eats a ton of cum, and we still don’t know much about Liam’s real identity (is he a Czech immigrant?) or sexuality and it’s not a bad scene.

  4. try watching this scene in its entirety – truly great chemistry with two deeply sexy men going at it – hot action – porn and CF at it’s best, IMO – I’m not watching for the title, I’m watching because it’s been a minute since watching CF guys fuck was so carnally hot AF

  5. I watch this scene all the way through. I fucking loved it! At first I was like WTF as the verbal’s were a tad distracting, but it fitted perfectly with the scene. The pairing was good full of energy and Liam is a really good performer, the fucking gentle then hard is damn great skill to see in a porn performer and the kissing a nice touch! Noah is also a good performer and take damn hard ass face fucking and hard ass pounding. No complaints from me as I fucking love it! P,S Liam has to flip flop with one of the other guys soon, but not just yet as he is a pretty decent top!

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