David Skylar “If you ever feel stupid just remember there are still ppl concerned with covid cases….”

15 thoughts on “David Skylar “If you ever feel stupid just remember there are still ppl concerned with covid cases….”

  1. Does that Big C bloke not realise that you aren’t fully vaccinated, until weeks after the second dose. Poor guy, he must really be unlucky to have caught it despite only being with about ten guys in the past month.

    1. FYI most places are now only giving you one shot. They say it’s because of limited supply

  2. It seems like David Skylar doesn’t actually know what it is to be an adult.

    Being an adult is understanding that using other people’s things means following their rules, and that when people’s lives are put at stake then it matters.

  3. Good God! Looking at David Skylars twiiter page is just insane! He is the typical right wing nut obsessed with the same bullshit he gets from being brainwashed by the Trymp cult media outlets. He can’t stop tweeting their nonsense. Smfh

  4. Unfortunately I’ve heard alot of guys who are getting the monkey pox vaccine are just going out afterwards (either to a bathouse or hooking up) and catching it (especially here in Montreal).. it takes the body a few weeks to build up immunity.. not a few days or hours..

    1. I talked to a nurse she said it takes two weeks after getting vaccine for it to start working.

  5. If you ever feel like a garbage person, just remember, David Skylar exists and is super loud about it.

  6. I got blocked by them when I suggested wearing a mask might just be common sense /a good common sense public health measure) it was in response to something referencing zombies/ brainwashed people wearing masks.

    1. Noble thought, but from a scientific backing, masks are more of a problem than a help. A. It’s like trying to keep mosquitos out with a chain-link fence. B. If you’re like me (who wore the mask, during the earlier parts of the pandemic), you are setting yourself up for bacterial overgrowth, a lack of oxygen and asthmatic bronchitis. Dust mites, dander and other pathogens get trapped within the fibers. I never had Covid, but I suffered greatly with bronchitis unnecessarily.

        1. You’ve just never heard the truth before, so naturally you think what I said was radical, misinformed, incorrect. Educate yourself. Naivety is cute when you’re young, but not so pretty when you’re hagged out.

        1. Remove your head from your ass and come at me intelligently and we’ll debate about it. Otherwise, you have nothing and you only reinforce my point.

  7. I can’t stand David Skylar. I think he’s a terrible person inside and out. A grifting, G4P’er that preys on the community to make a quick buck. I don’t know what his political affiliation is, nor do I care. I am neither left nor right, but this is the first and only time I’ve ever heard him make any sense. It certainly doesn’t change my disdain for him.

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