Derek Raser was introduced in 2011 by Belami Online.

His scenes, mostly as the bottom, were released from 2012 to 2016.

And, he had a solo as Alois Holba released by William Higgins in 2011.

Derek joined Twitter in 2017 and this is him now.

7 thoughts on “Derek Raser

  1. Handsome man, but clearly gay-4-pay and an EXTREMELY boring performer. Unless he is willing to do something other than post videos of himself showering or walking naked, I don’t think that joining his OF will be worth it.

    1. Really? He sucks dicks like a pro and he always had a harf on whenever he bottom.

      Also, didn’t he say he is gay?

  2. Loved Derek Raser back then and also now, I always rolled my eyes whenever Belami whined that he’s too muscular to fit the look and feel of the site.

  3. i called me gay-4-pay during his livestream and he said he’s gay now but I don’t believe it

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