From Rocky Vallarta “It’s official. We were right all along and you’re all gullible, ignorant and easily scared. I demand an apology now that time has proved me right.”



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38 thoughts on “From Rocky Vallarta “It’s official. We were right all along and you’re all gullible, ignorant and easily scared. I demand an apology now that time has proved me right.”

    1. They are either trolling, completely ignorant or both. Not even worth a response. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      1. Well… That is indeed a statement from the CDC. You don’t find it curious? We were told something very different in the beginning. How could it be so polar opposite at this juncture? These are the institutions and people you so claim to trust. Just saying.

        1. @Alex W Seriously you don’t know the answer to your ridiculous question? The obvious is that there are a large number of people with some level of immunity (either from vaccine or from a previous infection) now, and there weren’t before. The second obvious answer is that we have learned more about the virus and its mutations since the original guidance. Idiots like Rocky gloating about how they were right (with no scientific basis for their beliefs) all along just shows how ignorant they are.
          But if you want to be dead in the next pandemic, go ahead and get your answers from non-scientific sources, or maybe consult a paranormal investigator or your astrologer. They might be accidentally right next time, too.

          1. I’m not buying it. Sorry. You can’t have it both ways. The CDC never took into consideration natural immunity. Furthermore, they’ve blatantly acknowledged that these experimental vaccines have little to no real sustainability or efficacy. A Pfizer executive was even fired for saying that one’s natural immunity is better than the vaccine itself. This was always about $$$

            Personally, I can only speak for my own situation and being someone who’s never had Covid (or the vaccine), I can say with no hesitation that I will never take it, simply on account of what my own family has experienced. My Mom almost died after the third booster. My Dad hasn’t been normal since he’s taken it.. He’s had a consistent low-grade fever for months, developed asthma, food sensitivities and tingling in his legs. My brother who was once a great athlete in his youth has suddenly developed Afib at 29. Daily routine exercises have proven to be too much for him. Someone who could outlast me in stamina, any day of the week. And I happen to be a certified personal fitness trainer. Nobody’s asking the questions or connecting the dots. How many more coincidences must there be before it’s mathematically impossible? It has nothing to do with the paranormal, astrology, tarot cards or anything mystical. If you wish to take the vaccine, you take it. I will not try and stop you. I will however try to appeal to your logic, in hopes that you would use it.

            1. There is just NO reaching people like Alex, Rocky or David. These people look at scientific facts and just tune out. It’s the same belief system that allows grown men and women to listen to a President say very specific things and do very criminal things and then later deny ever saying what they know they heard and saw. They stand behind hypocrisy and just turn into zombies. My body my choice is OK for them not getting shots but a women looking to get an abortion is not allowed that same right. And it is alright with them. Give up ever trying to reason with idiots like these….
              I have.

                1. Quite frankly, Mark, I couldn’t give a wrinkled rat’s rectum what you are buying. I have no reason to lie about something that has personally affected my life and the lives of those that I love. In due time, you are going to figure this out.

                  1. LOL,”I’m not buying it” is your line, Alex, not mine. So here you go dismissing it.

                    1. Did I trademark it? Is it something exclusive to me, personally? If so, it just proves further how unoriginal and plagiaristic you are.

                      Now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite PSA’s.

                      Educate yourself. A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

              1. Covid has become a cult. You’re either club Covid or with those who are rational and have the ability to think for themselves. If you want to talk about hypocrisy, you lot are the epitome of hypocritical. Who initiated and got operation warp speed set in motion? Trump. The same man you all despise so much. I am not a Trump supporter and I reject the peddling of this scam. How many prolific actors and politicians are on record stating they’d never take the vaccine, weeks before it was released? Vice president Kamala Harris said, and I’ll quote: “If Donald Trump has anything to do with this vaccine, I’m not taking it”. You all are a bunch of two-faced hypocrites and you don’t make good on your promises. Then again, cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing and if Covid has taught me anything, it’s that the testament of human gullibility is alive and well.

  1. Dear Gays and anybody out there,
    Please take care of yourself and don’t listen to the crazies who tell you that medicines vaccines aren’t good for you.
    Sorry to say, but their are people who don’t give a shit about you and your health. Some gay people and G4P are looking to get what they need out of life and your health be damned. I learned this during the AIDS epidemic. There were guys who knew they had the disease, but they wanted sex or money for sex and your health didn’t matter.
    It’s the same for what’s going on now. Covid19. Monkeypox. Take care of your health.

  2. Rocky is trying really hard to get on the top of the “porn stars I used to like until I found out they were garbage humans” list.

  3. After reading these tweets week after week, I’m reminded of something Buddy Cole said once on KITH ” These are the community standards”… And after that I’m honestly waiting for that “Gay civil war” the straights keep talking about online cause of these guys..

  4. Nate Grimes OMG! This guy needs to see a doctor his ass is destroyed yuck 🤮 🤮🤮 I don’t understand why someone would do that to themselves?

  5. David & Rocky are VIP’s (Very ignorant People) they have no idea WTF they are talking about if they didn’t get the shot they have no idea what it is to have a loved one end up in the hospital or even have someone go into the hospital and never come out. They are freakin’ idiots.

  6. Big C is such a fool, I can’t even listen to him!
    Nate Grimes- you are such a beautiful man… why do you keep doing that to your body? I get pushing some boundaries, however, you never seem to stop.
    S.A.D. – is horrific – Dakota can’t sing to save his life!
    Michael Roman – such a sexy guy!

  7. Why can’t Rocky just do porn and shut up? Each and every one of his Tweets and Instagram Stories is yet another nasty dig at people…you’re idiots, you’re morons, I hate everyone.

    He’s a good enough look guy, although his looks have clearly peaked, his body is on the way out and this “personality” is the biggest turn-off I think I’ve ever known.

    Oh and I did NOT need to see a blasted asshole :-/

    1. Maybe Rocky isn’t happy in his personal life? On surface he looks like he has it all. He is young, tall, fit, and handsome he is six foot one. But he also seems obsessed with straight white men. He is into a fellow Canadian porn model even though that man is dating a woman. He has a good job as a tailor in Montreal. But it seems like something missing from his life? Rocky seems angry.

      1. His complete and total obsession is Markus Kage. It’s each and every post, every story and it’s Markus, Markus, Markus. Super straight Markus :-/

  8. Remember this though, while Rocky is doing all that talking (even though he’s still wrong) about Covid vaccinations and the pandemic, he damn sure was spreading awareness for the Monkey Pox vaccines. That’s because it hits to his sex life rather than general life for others. Thinking with his dick rather than his heart. Hypocrital and selfish as hell. David is too.

    Nate is starting to power blast his ass past Armond Rizzo status. Everyone has their kinks but damn. We do know how to have a moment to scale back.

    Angel is a loser and why do we have to even see any of his thoughts? The man showed absolute ignorance towards the homosexual community and now he’s playing out with people in general period.

    Patrick, it didn’t work. Not at all and messages like these two doesn’t help your case any better. The gays aren’t a faucet that’s turned on after years to flow for some cash. Remember, you’re not into “this type of sex” anymore. By the way, it’s called gay sex. Don’t feel ashamed to say the word.

    Hopefully these porn stars and sex workers will scale back some after this pox situation. I look at Nate and it makes me think he needs to take a break. I look at Timothy and think about all these different guys he’s creaming inside of on a regular basis and I’m like damn, dude might wanna chill for a while.

    I know we get heated in our comments but to all people, stay safe and watch yourself. Get vaccinated and stay protected. Continue safe sex practices. Get tested on all levels and know your statuses and be smart with your choices. Have fun when you’re good to go. All love folks.

  9. I’ve voiced my opinion about Covid/Vaccines on several occasions and there is no ambiguity as to how I feel concerning this. I would’ve loved to have had a civil debate, but I realize that intelligent, thought-provoking conversations ain’t happenin’ on a forum like this. Instead of countering and trying to disprove my arguments, I get “Stfu”, “you’re stupid”, “you’re ignorant”, “I hope you die”. No exchange of ideas. No interest in weighing the discrepancies I’ve pointed out. Just follow in lockstep, rinse, repeat. It’s really depressing how narrow-minded some people can be.

    1. Okay, I’ll gladly have a very civil “debate” (I prefer discussion) with you on COVID and vaccines. I’ll start with the points you mentioned in your earlier post:
      You said: “A Pfizer executive was even fired for saying that one’s natural immunity is better than the vaccine itself.”
      Facts: If you are referring to Michael Yeadon, a former VP/scientist at Pfizer that was tweeted and whose tweets were used by ultra-conservatives as your basis for this information, then here’s the truth. Yeadon was fired from Pfizer in 2011, eight years before COVID. Soon after, he started his own biotech firm, Ziarco, which was later sold to Novartis for $325M. What did Yeadon tweet? That nobody should mask, to which his former colleagues asked, incredulously, “Mike what hell? Are you trying to kill people?”

      You said: “The CDC never took into consideration natural immunity.”
      Facts: Of course the CDC is well aware about natural immunity for SOME people. Those are outliers! They will always be safe. Nobody are concerned about them. During the AIDS epidemic, there were people who were immune to AIDS, but again very few. But how do you know if you’re naturally immune? Are you going to risk being in an enclosed room with someone with full blown COVID for even 2 hours to find out?

      The reason people do not want to even have this debate with you is because of these things that you bring up as “facts.”

      As for your family, has a medical professional actually attributed all of what has happened to your relatives to the COVID vaccine? Because just by taking the vaccine will not prevent you from getting COVID. It will only lessen the chances of being hospitalized, being put in a respirator, or DEATH by A LOT!
      And again, more importantly, ARE YOU willing to be in an enclosed room with someone with full blown COVID for an hour or two?

      Also, the reason people are vilifying Rocky, you et al is because they were quick to say that masking and COVID vaccinations are infringing on their “rights” yet are advocating the monkeypox vaccine because THAT infringes on their sex life and is something that is visually unpalatable.

      1. First of all, I appreciate you coming at me respectfully. So few people here know what respect is and it’s very disheartening that people can’t sit down to agree to disagree and have a civil one on one conversation.

        While I admire your attempts to set me straight (no pun intended), I disagree most vehemently about pretty much everything you’ve said. I am not talking about Michael Yeadon. I am referring to Nick Karl. A former biochemist that worked for Pfizer. I don’t care what political side has exposed his views and brought them to the light. Left, right, independent. It makes no difference. What’s said is said and done is done. This sparring between political classes is a distraction and is designed to keep us divided, thus controlled. At this point, what difference does it make when one person leaves a company to form another. We’ve gotten so many contrasting instructions and stories that have contradicted basic human logic. I hardly know where to begin, because this is such a multifaceted subject that goes much deeper than some virus that came from a lab.

        You do know that fact checkers are just people like you and me, right? They are not professionals. Many of them not even doctors or have anything to do with the medical world. They are propagandists who are paid to regurgitate a narrative that’s been instructed and assigned to them.

        I took Covid seriously in early 2020. I masked up, sanitized everything and even wore latex gloves. Having a parent that’s worked in hospitals for almost as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve been heavily indoctrinated in the western medicine rule of law. For me, everything changed upon reports from my own mother (who is a staunch liberal). My whole family are liberal Democrats… Anyhow. My own mother who is a registered nurse practitioner, started to question the narrative that was on our local news.. There were claims in our local press that this hospital in question was overrun with Covid patients. It wasn’t true. It was virtually vacant. The echoing reverberation was deafening. Even then, though in question, my mother still followed suit with protocol. She took the vaccines, as did my whole family. I didn’t, because I wanted to wait for the long-term data to be concluded. Call me, crazy, but I wasn’t afraid of a virus with the same survivability as the flu. Unless you are geriatric or have serious pre-existing conditions (which I don’t have), chances are you’re going to survive. Not only have I survived, I’ve never had the virus. Ever. In fact, the only people I know now who have had it, are the vaccinated, ironically enough. Which brings me into a segue into your point regarding being in an enclosed room with those suffering from Covid. For more than a week, I took time off of work to take care of my parents who were gravely ill. My mother’s case was especially concerning. She could not breathe and at one point, I was close to calling an ambulance. I was sneezed on, breathed on, handled laundry, wads of Kleenex and cooked and cleaned for them during the time I was there. Nada. I got nothing.

        What’s troubling to me more than anything is one’s inability to contemplate or consider the what ifs. People are not used to questioning those in supreme authority. The government, Doctors, Politicians, Religious figureheads. There’s such a taboo with this subject because it’s developed into wolf pack mentalities. You see one thing and you’re told something completely different, yet we go along with it, time after time. Under the guise of science, no less. It must be ok because “science” tells me it’s okay. Science is a structured law of physics and reality. Not all science is benevolent. The atom bomb is a product of science. The electric chair is a product of science. Hazardous bioweapons and chemicals are a product of science. Just because something can be explained in concrete form doesn’t make it beneficial. At least not for human consumption. The fact of the matter is there’s still no long-term data concerning the side-effects of these vaccines. Those will not be concluded until 2023. Have you also not taken into consideration that some people may have life-threatening allergic reactions to some of the ingredients? Polyethylene Glycol is a major component in this.

        I went to India five years ago for a Yoga retreat and stayed there for a month, I had to have a Hepatitis vaccination beforehand and I had to go to the ER because I had an allergic reaction to it. I was going into anaphylactic shock and could’ve died. We have to take into consideration that what may work for one person, might not work for another. I don’t know what your views are on vaccine mandates and so on, but for some people, you are quite literally signing their death certificate. This is not a black and white issue.

        As far as infringing on rights. I wore the mask. I didn’t like it, but I was in a position where I didn’t have much of a choice. The only thing I had to show for it was a case of asthmatic bronchitis.

        Again, I appreciate that we can express our views without calling each other names or denigrating one another, but I’m never going to change your mind and you’re never going to change mine. I can’t unsee what I’ve seen or pretend to go along with this just to appease those who are righteously convinced of this narrative. All I can say is that I wish you well and hope this experiment you’ve decided to partake in, goes your way.

        1. As I said, I meant this to be a discussion and not at all a “debate” so I have no need or care whether this goes my way or yours. Yes, you’ve disagreed with everything I’ve said, vehemently or otherwise, but is there anything that I said wrong or misinformation?

          However, now that you’ve identified who that scientist is, a quick fact check will show you that Nick Karl was not fired from Pfizer and is, in fact, still an employee of Pfizer according to his LinkedIn page. And if you are referring to the Project Veritas “expose” of a heavily edited video of Nick Karl talking to a colleague over lunch, Project Veritas refuse to release the unedited version of that video and decided to release that version to fit its narrative.

          Here is the link to that heavily edited video/audio by Project Veritas and I’ll leave it up to everyone to decide the sleight-of-hand that was used to fit that narrative.

          Even then, by your saying that Pfizer fired Nick Karl for saying something that was twisted and edited makes it seem as though Pfizer was trying to hide some conspiracy about the COVID vaccine.

          Also, this discussion isn’t about politics so I’m not sure why you need to even disclose your leanings or the politics of those around you. Do I believe you when you say you’ve been sneezed on, etc. by people with COVID? No, because you also said that statement about Nick Karl, which pretty much tells me that you would write something to prove your narrative whether it’s true or not. But that said, I’ve had 5 very close friends die from COVID, so I’m not going to go by your words, which doesn’t have long-term data to prove its validity, only those of one person who isn’t even credible.

          My two elderly parents live with me so I have to make sure they are safe from contracting COVID. Everyone in my household is fully vaccinated but just like the common flu, we all know that it does not mean we’re immune to it. So why should I risk the lives of my parents because people are unwilling to mask up in enclosed spaces?

          So…I take it you’re not going to take the monkeypox vaccine then? Asking for a friend.

          1. Again… Fact checking is not a direct source of valid information. Particularly when you have an agenda to disperse. To be totally honest, I was not entirely sure of who it was that spilled the beans at Pfizer. Apparently, there’ve been more than one. A quick google search automatically linked me to Nick Karl. Yeah, I get that you can edit and misquote people, but that clip is pretty direct and there is no way around what he said. I heard no ifs ands or buts and it wasn’t even out of context of such. Face it, we’ve been deceived and now we’re trying to justify the deception as if to say, “but wait. white is black, really, right? I am not patient enough for this level of semantic word play.

            I believe you believe what you’re saying. Whole-heartedly and you probably have good intentions. There’s something admirable about people who want to do the right thing and protect others from what they deem or interpret as impending doom. I get it. I’m not a closed-minded man, nor am I fatalistic. I am however overly analytic to the core and I examine and dissect everything.

            My very wise Jewish Grandmother (who’s 85) and is one of very few members of my family that did not take the shot) once said to me. “If something doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true”. Having had family who died in the holocaust, a certain portion of my family on my father’s side are wary of this vaccine. There was a similar ploy in WW2 regarding a virus. It’s the same playbook albeit a different era. Many Jews willingly got on trains because of deception. “This is for your own good”., “We must quarantine”. Then came the concentration camps, the experimental procedures, vaccines, medications. I would advise you to study and read up on the Nuremberg code. Once you start piecing it all together, you start to question the intent of what’s happening right now. You won’t get there all at once. You get there at last. At least for me. It’s been a steady streak of deep investigation, reading, looking at statistics, possible key relations to the virus vs the vaccine. I’ve also taken into consideration controversial doctors and nurses that have come out against the vaccine. Not because I was immediately apt to believe them willy nilly, but because I was fascinated by people who would literally make themselves targets for character assassination. Many of these people lost everything. Their careers, money, standing within their respected communities. But why? They would have had to be psychotically demented and deranged to come up against the opposition which is disproportionately not in their favor.

            This is 100% political. I disagree more so about that than anything else. I can’t even get into every point I want to make, because this would quite literally be a book. Starting from the suspicious handling of Trump’s operation warp speed to Fauci’s predictive capabilities prior to Covid. To Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset”. To gain of function ties within our own government. From Bilderberg to Davos. Agenda 2030. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. If you’re diligent enough in the pursuit of uncovering the truth, you have many avenues to cross. I don’t want to get too into the weeds regarding this though.

            I’ll be honest and say I don’t know. I have to do more research about the monkeypox vaccine. I have other theories about that, but I don’t have the willingness to argue aimlessly about it. I will say that I hate that it’s been dubbed the “gay disease”. It’s absurd that the gay community is once again being singled out and targeted.

            1. “Fact checking is not a direct source of valid information.”

              That says it all right there. Now, who has the agenda to disseminate? Not I! All I did was debunk what you said with proof about Nick Karl. I wasn’t the one sharing supposedly truthful information that turned out to be false. At least have the decency to admit that you might have misspoken and that you really didn’t even verify whether what you said was accurate. Instead, you decide to then attack my own fact checking as not even valid information.

              At this point, any civil discussions with you re: COVID seems pointless since you’re pretty much saying that even if someone gives you facts, you’ve already decided that those will always not be valid information because you’re unwilling to even admit that what you said was wrong to begin with.

              1. With all due respect, you didn’t debunk anything. I also corrected myself on a couple of occasions by stating, and I quote ” I was not entirely sure of who it was that spilled the beans at Pfizer. Apparently, there’ve been more than one. A quick google search automatically linked me to Nick Karl.” There indeed have been others who have either since been fired or stepped down at their own volition. I’m not interested in a tit for tat here. I am the first to eat shit and recant whatever assessments I find that later turn out to be inclusive or inaccurate. As far as fact checkers… Well. Do your own research on the lawsuits they’re losing. They are not experts on virtually anything they’re “fact checking”. They are paid to parrot the narrative and correct anyone who’s not following in lockstep.

                I have no reason to lie about any of what I’ve said. I certainly wouldn’t devote this much time on a place like this to something I didn’t believe in or had some personal experience with, so if thinking I’m “lying” brings you any bit of comfort or lulls you into a false sense of security, you go for it, broski.

    2. You are a prime example of “The Narrow Mind”. Instead of bitching about how people won’t listen to you, present your scientific proof. What’s in your heart doesn’t matter to me or the dead.

      1. What’s in my heart is irrelevant. What I’ve seen, touched, smelled, tasted and experienced is something totally different. I don’t think at this juncture any bit of reasoning or display of statistics is going to make a damned difference to most of you people. It is clear to me that you are anti-intellectual and limited beyond my ability to reach. I’ve had people here talk at me, not to me. I’ve had people wish me dead. That’s not civility. That’s what sniveling little cowards do that can’t win an argument. When you have nothing substantial to contribute, you smear, libel, and defame. You continue on living within the comfortable confinement of your matrix bubble, but when this entire Covid/vaccine narrative begins to unravel (and it is), don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

  10. Ok.. so Rocky is a Montrealer.. and like many porn stars who live there, went literally ape shit when the covid restrictions were first put into place by the province. Friends have told me that him and other Montreal based porn stars were looking to hook up on Grindr during the lockdown at the hight of the restrictions.. so that’s pretty much tells you what concern he has for his fellow gay man.. the only reason why he’s advocating for the monkey pox vaccine is because it’s affecting his bottom line due to the intensity of the outbreak in Montreal.. i.e he can’t make any cash if he can’t hook up.. and the other male porn stars based in Montreal are all doing the same..

  11. Yet again David Skylar showing what a dangerous dumbfuck he is and MenofPorn continuing to give him a platform for his lunacy. Smdh

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