From Vin Roxx “To bad Damien was in the hospital for taking drugs as he always does!”

Damien White tweeted two days ago that he was in the hospital for 10 days.

Damien did not reply when asked about the reason for his hospitalization.

It seems to be from a fight according to his friend Kyler Drayke.

But, Vin Roxx claimed it’s the drugs that Damien took.


  1. Reg

    Okay, so Damien White is either a Gay4Pay drug addict attention seeker who puts out lousy content, or he’s a Gay4Payer with lousy content who’s being victimized by Vin Roxx.

    And Vin Roxx either way is a vile and vindictive and spiteful psychopath.

  2. Ray

    Both White & Roxx seem crazy. Just another example of why we don’t need g4p!

  3. Cherrystick

    I don’t like hearing about people being sick or hospitalized so my heart strings pull for Damien only in that matter. Other than that, I can’t stand either one of these guys in the porn realm. Childish and petty are the words that come to mind towards Vin. You can always tell when irrelevance is a major factor with these gay sex leech suckers. They get into these baffles and want to show roughly $400 as if they’re flexing.

    Vin has no respect for others and that’s why his ass isn’t getting the gigs. Sad part is that yet again like the gays do to so many other troubling men who aren’t homosexuals and in our realm of porn, fellow gays will still throw money his way and support him.

    I’m siding with Damien only because he’s the one in the hospital bed. Vin better watch his shit because wasn’t he the one not so long ago who claimed to be sick as fuck in front of his daughter. Vomiting blood or something like that. Sometimes what goes around, comes around quick as hell.

  4. Jake

    Yeah… For someone who almost died from a possible drug overdose, he seems to have made quite the quick recovery.. I’ll point you to his current tweet about promoting his lastest video “Damien Fucks Ricky Bareback” as evidence (and like a day after he posted about his hospitalization)… It just goes to show a leopard can’t change his spots..

  5. Camille

    I like Vinn Rox. But yeah it can be tiring to see or hear him complaining over and over again.

  6. Magnus

    Not sure why Rox needs to be such an opinionated asshole. Actually, we know why. He’s fishing for attention just like White is.

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