If you miss William (West) of Sean Cody (tip @ Bo)

He was introduced in 2007 as William at Sean Cody.

By 2008, he was known as William West [movies].

If you miss him, he joined Twitter in 2020 “🌎 traveler, Gymnast, Acrobat, Cirque du Soleil, Massage therapist. Just a guy who likes Sex!”

7 thoughts on “If you miss William (West) of Sean Cody (tip @ Bo)

  1. My favorite old timers at SC were: Jamie, Stu, Calvin, Curtis, Brandon, Jake and Jess. Jamie was definitely my #1 favorite.

  2. I always loved him from SeanCody to his first introduction at the ols Bukbuddies site. I got this for gymnast and that split thing.

  3. Thank you, Denz! He has always been one of my favorite gingers! Nice to see him still active!

  4. I have missed him! An ancient clip he did at BukBuddies called “Two Guys On A Deck” might have very well been the most erotic porn scene I’ve ever watched (and I’ve seen about 3 billion of ’em). He still looks great.

    1. I just watched “Two Guys on a Deck” (2006), and dang, Jerry’s not fibbing. Incredibly erotic! William’s name is “Spicer” in this video and he’s supposedly 20.

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